12 Universal Laws – The Complete Guide To Change Your Life

Man is a social animal. Yes, this is a fact. We are all wired to exist, interact and perform basically within a social group. Our interactions and the interaction between social groups, on a wider scale, take place within the Universe. Now to get to the point, the Universe has its own laws. These are known as the Universal Laws.

12 Universal Laws - The Complete Guide To Change Your Life
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What does “Universal Laws” mean?

The Universal Laws are principles and rules that expressly and totally govern all aspects of human existence and interaction within and with the Universe. In simple terms, these laws are supported completely by the Universe. They find acceptance with both philosophy and science and are applicable at any point in time.

The 12 Universal Laws

In this article, we will analyze the 12 most known Universal Laws that affect our everyday life. Be aware of them, understand the meaning of them and harness them to change your life for the better.

Universal Law 1: Law of Oneness

The first of the 12 Universal Laws focuses on the wholeness of the Universe. It points out that despite the many variations of flora and fauna, stunning environments and unthinkable phenomenon, everything is connected together. Science also supports this law. We all know that the entire Universe can be broken down and brought together as matter, regardless of taxonomic classification, color variation, size or form.

The law of oneness is always in place whether an object is abstract or not and alive or dead. Our thoughts, ideas, emotions and every possible range of perception is also a part of the Universe as much as it is a part of us.

Universal Law 2: Law of Vibration/Energy

The law of vibration or energy is one very relatable universal law. For a start, it is backed by science, where every object is known to possess either potential or kinetic energy at any given time. Nature and indeed the entire Universe is filled with energy. This energy exists within objects and is produced by actions or events. Philosophy and science alike further recognize, in their different contexts, the existence of positive and light or negative and dark energies.

That’s not all there is to it. We all possess some energy and we all vibrate from it. The more energy we have, the more we vibrate and the more we vibrate, the more we inspire the vibration and energy of those around us. This is the strongest reason why we must check that we are filled with only positive vibes. So make sure, that you are not surrounded by negative energy that can exist even in your environment.

Universal Law 3: Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of cause and effect is one that most people know of but however, do not consider in their actions and lifestyle. In computing, this law is rightly expressed in the term Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO) where a rubbish input will produce a rubbish result. It is that simple!

If you therefore sow (do) good through your thoughts and actions, you will reap (receive) good in one way or the other cause like attracts like. The Universe is always sure to give back exactly what we give out, no matter how long it takes. The most outstanding demonstration of this is in planting where a particular seed always grows to become the exact type of plant from which it was taken.

Universal Law 4: Law of Resistance

The fourth one of the 12 Universal Laws is the law of resistance. It points out that unpleasant life events and situations do not go away when we resist them. In fact, our potential to resist an issue keeps reducing as long as we fail to handle the issue. We can only overcome problems by acknowledging, experiencing and working out solutions for them. This is the only right step.

The Universe constantly demands strength and courage from all of us. This strength and courage strictly come from facing challenges head-on and being open to moving away from our comfort zone when the need arises. You can correctly say that this is the Universe’s way of ensuring our involvements and filtering out the weak ones.

Universal Law 5: Law of Transmutation

Law of Transmutation
Photo by Tomislav Jakupec (source: Pixabay)

Law number five is centered on transmutation. Remember those exciting physics classes that made us feel like established scientists? If you do, then you will surely recall the first law of thermodynamics that states “energy can be changed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed”. That’s pretty much what this law relates to.

The Universe itself is always changing. It, therefore, allows and supports the change. As a matter of fact, this is what keeps it going. Following the Universal law of vibration/energy, the law of transmutation refers to changes in the vibration or energy of anything within the Universe. For us, a greater vibration and energy will mean our transmutation to a better and purposeful lifestyle.

Even death is in itself a form of transmutation. Yes, it is a progression to a new reality and has its own energy and level of vibration.

Universal Law 6: Law of Manifestation

Another of the 12 Universal Laws is that of manifestation. It is fundamentally about how occurrences around us are brought together by the pairing of our thoughts and actions. All thoughts and actions produce either a positive or negative energy or vibration in the Universe. In turn, this attracts the type of things we think of into our lives. That’s really how we end up with different manifestations.

Properly channeling our thoughts and actions is therefore very important. It is what determines the life we experience. Consequently, in order for us to manifest positivity, we must produce that same type of energy through optimistic thoughts and hopeful actions.

Universal Law 7: Law of Action

Actions are activities that result from expressions of our energy. We probably already know that but interestingly, in-actions can also be referred to as actions. This is in the sense that they are activities in which no action or a particular action did not take place. It is also sometimes linked to the energy-demanding expression of restraint.

The life you desire, with all its sparkle, is unmistakably tailored to the actions or inactions you take. There’s no magic to it and this is all that the universal law of action communicates. In addition, the law of action is closely linked with our beliefs.

This relationship is promoted by the fact that beliefs impact thoughts which inspire actions that are necessary for realizing our dreams. Taking action is one of the most vital things to do in order to manifest dreams into reality. What we believe to be true, guides us when making assumptions or unverified conclusions. These thoughts can then lead to actions. The summary is therefore that our belief influences how we perceive, act and react to things. As a result, it dictates much of how we relate and function within the Universe.

This is exactly why we must carefully tune our beliefs and actions. If they are in line with each other then we can make real progress in the Universe. Our becoming rich, for example, will not happen while having a poverty mindset. It can only become true if we sincerely believe that we can, and couple this belief with purposeful, necessary and profiting moves.

Universal Law 8: Law of Unconditional Love

Love itself is a powerful force. It possesses immense positive energy that inspires peace, drives away fear, promotes healing and supports growth.

Love is celebrated and referenced all across the Universe. Science and philosophy cover much of it, too. While science talks about biologically-produced love chemicals, philosophy tries to simplify a complex topic. Many texts and songs and even holidays are themed on concepts that surround it but as much as love is beautiful, unconditional love is much more.

Unconditional love is essentially a form of pure, non-profit and honest love. It is outright god-level love. An expression of this is by accepting people just as they are without any prejudice, bias or judgment. We must all strive to reach this ‘pro version’ in all our interactions within the Universe. By doing so, we will unleash untold levels of positive energy.

Universal Law 9: Law of Fellowship

It is by far too easy to break a single broomstick than to break a whole bundle of brooms. The law of fellowship, therefore, supports teamwork, cooperation and connecting with like minds. The simple reason for this is that it produces strength and amplified energy in the Universe.

Amplification is the power of fellowship. Whether for evil or good, a gathering for the same course is difficult to resist. This is the idea that drives both an army of soldiers and a band of robbers.

Working together with people who resonate a similar kind of energy and who focus this energy in the same direction as you do, always results in untold levels of accomplishment.

Napoleon Hill, who wrote the famous book “Think and Grow Rich” after interviewing 500 of the richest people on planet, refers to this law as “Mastermind Principle“. It is why you should give room in your life for others with the same passion. This will help you grow faster and get better at what you do.

Universal Law 10: Law of Evolution

Evolution is covered in law 10 of our 12 Universal Laws. Essentially, the Universe and everything in it evolves. The interception, interference and variation in levels of energy and vibration is responsible for this evolution.

It is an unavoidable phenomenon primarily because of the universal law of permutation. As long as there is energy and vibration and constant changes of both elements in the Universe, there will also be evolution.

Every event or experience adds to our evolution whether we are aware or not. While the Universe evolves and creates events and experiences, we also evolve in our participation in these events or our reaction to these experiences. We adapt to changes, we learn to fight fear, we take on new paths and approaches to life, even our soul gets to evolve!

Universal Law 11: Law of Harmony

The Law of Harmony
Photo by Larisa Koshkina (source: Pexels)

There’s some sort of equilibrium in the Universe. The universal law of harmony tells of it. Man-made distortions through careless nature-toxic activities, unfortunately, tend to disturb this equilibrium. However, the universe like a self-correcting machine works to return back to its balance and harmony.

The harmony of the Universe can be seen in every natural cycle; from how a river evaporates to produce clouds that give rain and refill the river, to how grasses grow to feed herbivores that feed carnivores that die and supply nutrition for grasses. Nature is healing and self-replenishing. This is the harmony of it all. A healthy lifestyle for us will involve aligning to this universal harmony.

Universal Law 12: Law of Divine Order

The last one of the 12 Universal Laws is the law of divine order. Bear in mind that the Universe is just as it should be. Everything is rightly in place, and going according to a supreme plan. This is true, despite the negative events that have taken place. In fact, nothing, absolutely nothing, is really an accident.

Understanding and accepting this will help us live our lives worrying less than we do. It will also inspire us to seek purpose. This is the path to a fulfilled life. If we realize that we are an important part of an important plan then we will be fueled enough to push through life regardless of the obstacles we face.

Let me know if you found some value in this article or if there is anything more to right about that we did not cover.

I would be glad to hear from you!

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