13 Undeniable Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone

13 Undeniable Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone
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There are real signs the universe wants you to be with someone. You may wonder if this is true, but a lot of people have consistently confessed that they often have seen signs that they found too difficult to deny.

When one person says they see these signs, and several other persons independently confirm it, you know that they are obvious signs the universe has devised to let you know when it wants you to be with someone.

You may be seeing them already and not know it. You may also not have seen them. But just so you know when they begin to manifest, this article will expose you to all the things that will happen as undeniable signs that the universe wants you to be with someone.

13 Undeniable Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone

Below, you are going to read 13 of the most distinctive signs that the Universe truly wants you to be with someone. While reading them, take the time to think about whether any of them has happened to you!

I am pretty sure you will relate to many of them! So, let’s begin!

#1. Gut Feeling You Are Meant To Be With Someone

Your gut is the most powerful sign that the universe wants you to be with someone. In case you are wondering, your gut is the instinctive feeling that sits somewhere right in your heart.

It is the strong un-provable belief in something. It is powerful, vociferous, and refuses to get out of your head. It might even outlaw common sense. But it sits right there and it doesn’t go away.

Your gut is what tells you that a trip to Florida is not right even when everything looks great. Your teammates are going there and you don’t see why not. But for some reason, something deep down you continues to nag that you should opt-out of the trip.

If you listen well enough, this gut feeling is in everything we do. It lends a voice to all our choices, from what color of jeans to pick to what to have for breakfast.

More than half of the time, a lot of people have openly admitted that their gut feeling was right, if only they had stuck to it.

When your gut tells you constantly that you are meant to share your life with someone, it could be the clearest sign that the universe really wants you with that person.

#2. You Know What The Wrong Ones Look Like

Another easy way to tell when the universe wants you to be someone is to recognize the red flags. As much as you have an idea of who you want to be with, you know who you don’t want to be with. For instance, you might like a tall person, a curvy one, Spanish, or an Indian.

You might want this person to be a nurse, a schoolteacher, a soldier, or an office secretary. You might also want someone who has no religion, or a theist who misses everything but prayers.

Chances are that you can cope if your partner does not have one or two of these features. But there are some you cannot put up with at all. For instance, some people cannot put up with someone who snores in bed, or a soldier, regardless of the number of other boxes they have ticked.

This illustration should set off the list of things you cannot put up with, no matter what. When you find someone who has such features, you know that they are the wrong ones.

Alternatively, when you find someone who avoids the wrong traits like a bomb mine, it could be the universe’s way of telling you that you should be with someone.

The thing is that you always feel whether your choice is right or wrong, even if you have ticked all of your boxes. The only thing you should do is listen to your inner voice and trust it.

#3. Inner Peace

Inner Peace Is A Sign The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone
Photo by Pana Kutlumpasis via Pixabay

Peace is one of the most important, yet underrated needs of humans. In our relationship with our partner and society, humans naturally want some assurance and peace.

In a report by the American psychologist, Mary Lynn, she confirms that peace brings more calm and harmony in our respective lives.

This is why we want to be sure our happiness is genuine, and our partners are really ours. You will crave this happiness more if you have had rocky relationships in the past.

You will understand the value of peace and you will make it one of the most important elements in your next search, and it can’t be hard to spot when you run into someone who puts you at ease and as comfortable as you ever wanted.

When you eventually find someone who is looking to build peace, someone who would rather concede than combat, it could be a cogent sign that this is someone the universe wants to be with.

It is crucial to remember that each person has a personalized definition of peace. Even though we all like to think peace is the absence of violence, the definition of peace is still subjective.

So, meeting someone who matches your definition of peace along with other signs is a great indication that the universe wants you to be together.

#4. Random Inexplicable Coincidences

In several studies, we confirm that the emergence of random inexplicable coincidences is how most people know that the universe wants them to be with someone. According to the study, a lot of people found out that their partner continued to emerge in their lives.

There were times it was impossible to communicate. There were times everything pulled them apart. But by some inexplicable coincidence, they always meet again and each time, a fire is kindled in their hearts.

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In your case, you may find that you always run into someone or each time you meet, they trigger something in you that you just cannot explain. In more complex situations, you may feel bounded or connected to them in ways you cannot explain.

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#5. Dream Of Them

One of the most sensational descriptions of dreams was given by the author Neil Gaiman. According to him:

“People think dreams aren’t real just because they aren’t made of matter, of particles.

Dreams are real. But they are made of viewpoints, of images, of memories, and puns and lost hopes…”

The most critical point from Neil’s description is the fact that dreams are made of viewpoints, images, and memories.

When you sleep and realize that you see images of someone, what you see is real. It may not be made of matter and particles. But it is an image connected to your viewpoint.

Seeing someone in your dreams is a sign that the person is connected to you in some way. This is especially true if you see the person in your thoughts while you are awake, and you still see them in your dreams.

The fact that their images appear in your dreams stresses the fact that the universe is trying to connect you with the person. This may be the clue you are looking for!

#6. This Person Has The Key To Your Heart

The key to your heart is always a sign that the universe wants you to be with that person
Photo by Ryan McGuire via Pixabay

This is the most apparent sign for a restive person. If you are someone who often picks trouble with people, this may appear to you more.

While you may not be at fault in most of your rifts, the fact is that you engage a lot of people and it results in chaos. When you find someone who makes you happy and simultaneously has the key to you, you should take it as a sign that this is someone the universe wants you to be with.

You do not have to be troublesome before this applies to you. In many cases, some aspects of your life are poor and unproductive. And you may have made up your mind not to work on them until this person shows up.

Appealing to you in ways you cannot resist, this person may prompt you to do things you otherwise would not have done. A person like this has the key to your heart.

They can prompt you to stop doing something and they can motivate you to start another thing.

If you are someone who otherwise would listen or take advice from no one, this is the clearest sign that the universe wants you to spend your life with someone.

#7. They Seem To Want To Stay

In reality, many people act like they want to stay. They can feign seriousness so much that one will be fooled to believe they want to stay.

But despite the possibility of masks, it is always possible to tell when someone wants to stay. A person who takes you into his life, links you with his family, and introduces you into his workspace is probably trying to build more than partial friendship with you.

As with gut feeling, it is difficult, you need personal conviction to see when someone really wants to stay. But if you do realize it, be sure that it is an undeniable sign that something in the universe wants you to have a future with him.

#8. Tingling Sensation

Do you wonder why you feel a tingling jolt in your spine each time she smiles? Do you wonder why you could still feel his perfume days after he has left? Do you wonder why you cannot concentrate on anything else or think of anyone when his thoughts pop up in your mind?

It is no rocket science. The universe always adopts the most appealing way to pass a message across to you. The universe tells you that you don’t want to be with someone if you always feel uncomfortable around them.

On the flip side, if you enjoy their company, you feel happy, fulfilled, and you feel like they bring out something in you, the universe is probably trying to say that they are yours.

In a typical situation, you do not feel the same after this person has left you. You feel unhappy, imbalanced, or something just feels missing.

You will miss them so much that you will sometimes feel like they have taken a part of you. When you get to that point with someone, you can confidently take it as proof that the universe wants you to continue the sojourn.

#9. Your Imagination Is One Of The Most Undeniable Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone

Imagination Is A Sign That The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone
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Illusion is another dicey indication that the universe wants you to be with someone. In plain English, illusions are wild imaginations. While dreams happen while you are asleep, illusions are imaginations of viewpoints that manifest in your mind during the day.

When someone begins to get a space in your illusionary world, it might be the universe’s way of telling you about their significance. You start to think about them. You imagine them standing right in the hallway.

You sometimes think you hear her laughter. You scent his perfume and for strange reasons you can even guess what he would say in certain situations.

At the height of it all, you hear a voice similar to his whispering “I love you” in your head. You try to shut these voices out but they persist. In some cases, you may even enjoy the illusion.

You would smile at yourself and journey to a fantasy land while everyone was talking about the baseball game that went down last night.

When the universe brings you into such entanglement in a fierce and convincing way you have never felt, it could be a clear indication that the universe wants you to be with someone.

#10. Psychical Perspective

If you are someone who believes in spells and spiritual connections, you may also ask a psychic who can see into the future. A lot of interviewers have verified that psychic predictions are true.

You only have to find a professional. This psychic should be able to tell you whether the universe wants you to be with someone or you’d better walk away.

When they say yes, it really may mean that the universe wants you to be with someone.

In a whole different ball game, 2 is a number known in the psychic realm for spiritual communication. When someone calls you at times like 02:00, 22:00, 02:02, 02:22, et cetera, it is an indication that they will be a perfect match for you.

This is tricky since anyone can use it when they are trying to jostle for your attention. But it is always difficult for anyone trying to deceive you to keep to this time.

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#11. Key Similarities

Key Similarities - An Undeniable Sign That The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone
Photo by Werner Heiber via Pixabay

Sharing key similarities with someone is a big clue that the universe wants you together. In the science world, they think unlike poles attract and like poles repel.

But in the psychological world, you will likely be a better match for someone who shares your similarities. A study actually shows that you are bound to like someone who shares features with you.

You will approach issues similarly. Your policies, patterns, and your energies will align. With such alliance, it is tough for your relationship to disintegrate. So, this is an obvious sign that the universe wants you to be together.

#12. A Part Of Them Is Always Left With You

It is also interesting that sometimes, the way the universe hints to you that you should be with someone is that a part of that person is always left with you.

Whether you see them only recently, or you have not seen them in a long time, a part of them is always left with you. You realize that their pen, their notepad, or perfume is always lingering in your memory.

It could be their words, their shadow, the image of the frame on their office wall, or anything related to them. When you find that you always leave a part of you with someone or they always leave a part of them with you, you know beyond doubt that you’re meant to be with them.

#13. An Unforced Attachment

An unforced attachment refers to a connection so natural and ordinary that you had no idea how it was formed. You knew there was a friend.

But you could not tell how you begin a relationship so intimate that you begin to share everything. You start to share your thoughts, your future, and your past. You do not feel a need to pretend or hold something back out of criticism.

You also find that neither of you could resist the emotional pull because it is like a gravitational force. It keeps pulling both of you together.

Assuming that you have someone like this, you should stop wondering how it all happened.

In full gear, the universe is driving both of you together.

From all indications, the universe shows us through our own thoughts, words, feelings and actions when it wants us to be with someone.

The universe also gives off signs through coincidence and situations beyond our reach as humans.

When you notice these signs, be confident that they are signs that the universe wants you to be with someone.

See you in another of my posts!

Wishing you joy, love and prosperity,


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