The 55×5 Manifestation Method – Is This The Best Method For You?

55x5 Manifestation Method
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Manifesting good thoughts, positive affirmations have become more important than ever, especially through a pandemic. The 55×5 manifestation method is one simple way to do it.

However, if you’re new to this, let us walk you through what manifesting is, in the first place.

Cultivating what you want to feel, the positive thoughts and affirmations in your life, and then living and believing in them – this is what manifesting means.

It is attracting what you want to attract, whether it is love, wealth, health, or simply a peaceful life.

We’re not saying it is a sure-fire method to get rich and have everything you want to have in life without an ounce of effort.

On the contrary, things will not just drop in your lap if you’re manifesting long enough.

No, manifestation is a technique that goes hand in hand with work, it helps you trust in yourself more, and find the strength to believe you can achieve even your wildest dreams.

Nevertheless, the way to achieve them is always through hard work. Manifestation will help you train your mind to believe it is possible.

So, What is the 55×5 Manifestation Method?

The 55×5 Manifestation Method harnesses the power of assertions and repetition to help manifest your aspirations.

It is a very straightforward and easy manifestation technique as it does not require any special resources. All you need is man’s greatest treasures in life: pen, paper, and time. 20 minutes each day will do.

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To start, you think about your greatest aspiration, desire, yearning, and find a way to put it on paper. Two clear sentences will do.

Then, you do what your mom would have you do if you were grounded for whatever reason: repeatedly write those two sentences 55 times, each day, for 5 days.

It might seem stupid if you’ve just been introduced to the Law of Attraction, and you are just discovering the Power of Manifestation. It might seem too easy, too weird.

Nevertheless, keep doing it for 5 days. After all, what can go wrong, right? It can only go right, and you’ll start to feel it within 5 days.

Good things will start to flow your way, and if you ride that momentum and keep working on your dreams, you will be surprised.

Now, you must understand that the 55×5 Manifestation Method does not work regardless of you. It is not a medicine, a pill that you take, and then go about the same bad habits.

No, it requires your utmost desire and dedication to make it happen.

If you’ll start writing that positive affirmation 55 times, for 5 days, each day, it will get ingrained in your mind so that you will not get rid of it easily.

But just like therapy, you need to want to make it work.

How do I Make it Work?

How To Make It Work - Know Your Goals
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#1. You need to be completely honest about your goals in life, and what you desire.

This is the first, and maybe the most important step. You need to know what you want and own it. Be the truest you’ve ever been to yourself.

The 55×5 manifestation method cannot work if you don’t know what you want, if you hide the truth from yourself, if you bury your wildest dreams deep down within yourself and not let them out.

Fish your biggest dreams out and then detail on them a little. “I want to be wealthy” is not a very detailed goal. You need to work some more on polishing these goals.

Afterward, you need to turn them into powerful affirmations, reduce them to two-three sentences that sum up your goal, dreams, and wishes.

Yes, it might be a bit difficult at first. Breathe in, breathe out, and do it.

#2. You need a powerful positive affirmation. Yes, you heard that right.

A powerful affirmation is made of words on a piece of paper, and we know very well the power that words possess. They shape our lives, our realities, give meaning to our existence.

By formulating a positive affirmation, you give meaning to your most personal desires, dreams, yearnings, aspirations, and you get your foot in the door to accomplishing them.

If you let these yearnings, and aspirations sit dormant inside your mind, they’ll consume you from within. Put them on a piece of paper, speak them, that’s how you can make them work.

So, take your most burning dreams and goals and transform them into affirmations. Affirmations are no longer “I want to have”, they are “I have”.

You project yourself doing it, having it. This is how you work on constructing your future.

Ever heard of the principle of neuroplasticity, aka brain plasticity? Scientifically put, our neural networks can systematically change, grow, reorganize, remap into new connections in our brains.

It was first thought to happen only to children as they learn new things about the world surrounding them.  They take a lego in their hands and say its name, and so they start pronouncing the names of things, people, activities surrounding them. That’s how they write their newly-found reality.

In the latter half of the 20th century, researchers showed that even the adult brain can show signs of plasticity, and that is the brain’s ability to adapt, learn new skills, and information and create a proper environment.

Ever heard of  Neuro-Linguistic Programming? It is an emerging belief and approach according to which words can program our brains, our thought processes, and our reality.

So, take a pen and a piece of paper and write down the most important affirmations to you. Do not wait for inspiration to come. The only way you can do it is to write now.

#3. Keep a diary or journal specifically for this task

55x5 Manifestation Journal
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It is easier and better to have it all written in one journal. Do not write it on scattered pieces of paper just because you do not care to go buy one tiny notebook.

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Writing them together in one journal will help you better visualize your affirmation each time you turn a page, and each time you go back to the previous pages.

You will go back to the previous pages, wanting to take it all in as much as possible. It’s your positive affirmation, your burning desire, and your dream.

Avoid writing them down on your phone, laptop, or tablet. These devices are so distracting, and it might not work if you keep an eye on what you’re writing, and the other on your countless, incoming notifications.

#4. After the 5 days, let it go!

Yes. Do not make an obsession out of it. That’s a trap. Positive affirmations are just that – positive affirmations – not obsessions, or dangerous fixations.

Put the journal away and continue working on your dreams. Get back to it after a while and repeat the process whenever you feel you need it.

How does the 55X5 Manifestation Method Help Me?

It’s ok to be a little skeptical about all these, especially if you’re new to the Law of Attraction, and the power of manifestations.

Think about Thomas Edison for a moment, Albert Einstein, the Taj Mahal, and all the creations of the human mind. Our civilization, technology, scientific breakthroughs stem from the human brain that has been evolving for generations.

Remember that scene from Westworld, where Anthony Hopkins playing doctor Ford explains the meaning of Michelangelo’s  “The Creation of Adam”?

“The Divine Gift does not come from a higher power…

…but from our mind”.

You can think your way to something bigger than yourself. You can still be very skeptical by this sentence, and here’s le coup de foudre. Whether it works or not is not important. You must try to get there and stay positive in the meantime.

It’s important you trust yourself a little more, have a little more confidence in your mind, in your spirit. That’s what matters here.

“Shhhhh… I’m manifesting!”

This has been, probably, the most important meme of 2021, apart from the pandemic.

People have been manifesting everywhere on social media, writing down aspirational thoughts, trying to make them real. As with anything that happens on social media, it became mostly a joke, but with a serious substratum. The world has had so much negativity in 2021 that we felt the need to find some positivity where there was none.

Moreover, manifesting should be something that belongs to you, and only you. By sharing it on social media and making a big fuss out of it, you might get lost in it all, and forget about what it really means to you.

Why 55×5?

In numerology, the number 555 is an indication of movement, change. It is the sign that something is about to transform.

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It doesn’t necessarily mean good change, but it doesn’t mean bad either. It is simply the mark that you should expect things to move from where they were standing.

So, why is this technique called 55×5 and implies writing your affirmations down 55 times for 5 days? One way of looking at it is through the meaning of 555, i.e. movement, transfers of energy.

The 55×5 is not mandatory. The secret does not lie in the number of times you write your affirmations down but rather in your intention, capacity, and commitment to visualizing them and training your mind to work towards achieving them.

If you don’t want to “fit the mold”, you can try with different number combinations, what you feel works for you. Nevertheless, we advise you to start with 55×5, see how it goes, and then maybe transition to other numbers if you feel like it.

Since manifesting is your exercise, your own, you can alter it however you want if you feel you’ll get better results that way. Nevertheless, there are a few do’s and don’t’s that you might want to read before you start.

55×5 Manifesting Method: Do’s and Don’t’s

55x5 Manifestation Method - Do's and Dont's
Photo by Polina Kovaleva via Pexels

The Do’s

  • Put it on your calendar for the day as a very important task. Try to schedule it for the beginning of the day, right after you wake up, or for the ending of the day, right before you go to sleep. You need to be at peace with yourself when you’re doing it. So, in the morning or the evening, with a clear mind!
  • Consistency is important. Make sure you do this exercise at about the same time each day. 5 days is not enough to make it a habit, but set an hour and do it at the same hour every day. Consistency is one of the most important aspects of every task, or work in general, and also one of the most frequent reasons why some people fail – because they cannot be consistent enough.
  • Be disciplined about this. See how much time it takes you to do it, and set that amount of time for each day.
  • Find a peaceful corner where no one will bother you while you write down your affirmations. You might also want to mute your notifications to avoid any ill-timed interruptions.

The Don’t’s

  • Keep this mostly to yourself. As we were saying, parading it on social media won’t do you any good. You can share your experience with your closest friends, yes. However, try to keep it as personal, and intimate as possible. This is mostly for you.
  • Don’t wish. Your affirmations stem from your goals. They’re not “I wish”, they’re “I am”, “I have”. Write everything in the present tense, as if you’ve already achieved it.
  • If you’ve missed a day, continue with the rest of the days. Don’t quit just because of a little error in your schedule. Stick to it and own it!
  • Do not wait for everything you ever wished for to just drop in your lap after doing this 55×5 manifestation technique. Remember, this is to train your brain to believe it is possible. The means to achieve your goals are still the same: work, consistency, determination, dedication, and a little bit of madness.

So, start today by defining your goals, owning even your wildest dreams, and writing down your affirmations.

If not more, the 55×5 manifestation method will surely help you have a little more confidence in yourself by allowing you to feel what it would be like if you were living your dreams right now, right at this moment.

Now, get up and work for them!

Love, Veramaze.

Veramaze - Attraction Frequency

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