Biblical Meaning Of Death In A Dream – Should You Be Afraid?

The Biblical Meaning Of Death In A Dream
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Night sleeps could be all peaceful and healthy. When they are not, it is often because we have a nightmare or a disturbing visitation or psychic dream.

One common kind of nightmare is when seeing death in a dream. But they are not all evil. In fact, the biblical meaning of death in a dream is a huge transformation or change.

All We Do Not Know About Dreams – The 4 Types Of Dreams

There is a lot we do not know about dreams. In fact, scientists and science bodies still struggle at having a clear definition for it. The few concepts that exist express rough and slightly different points of view.

However, every available scientific opinion refers to dreams, in one way or the other, as being the result of or being related to brain activity.

As explained in this Huff Post article, there are 4 different classifications of this largely misunderstood cognitive activity.

#1. Lucid dreams

The word lucid refers to a state of consciousness involving the complete utilization of one’s senses. In the same manner, lucid dreams present a life-like experience where the dreamer feels they are in the real world.

#2. Everyday dreams

They are known as this because of the way in which they are believed to be formed.

Everyday dreams come about by the activity of the brain in relation to our everyday life such as memories of movies we watched, perceptions formed from discussions we had or stories we heard, and all that.

#3. Nightmares

Most people are familiar with this either from the movies or a personal experience. Nightmares typically inspire fear in us.

They are thought to be the results of the negative energies around us whether through people or ideas.

#4. Visitations or Psychic dreams

This is where having dreams about death fall especially when we see someone talking to us. Visitations appear to offer verbal revelations whereas psychic dreams are more visual in nature.

Perceptions Of Physical Death And The Life After

Physical death is perceived as different things by different groups and individuals.

First, some believe that it is the end of all consciousness and existence. This defies the idea of having a soul. In fact, it essentially means that once a person dies, they do not take on any spiritual forms or go on to any kind of afterlife.

They simply become void and make up a sort of eternal blackout.

On the other hand, a popular perception of physical death is that it is the door to a supernatural journey.

Just as seeds die then sprout and grow up to blossom into the many beautiful plants around us, this journey begins the life after life.

This particular idea is expressed in the Bible and vehemently referenced in the Christian religion.

However, about the journey, the scripture adds a scary note. It reads in Hebrews 9:27…

“…it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement.”

Being so, physical death represents a door, an end, and a beginning.

It allows the living transition to the land of the dead. There, they take on the form of souls and after that, they appear before the creator for judgment.

Judgment – at this point – is made based on how people lived their lives when they were alive. It determines if a soul spends the afterlife enduring unending torment or enjoying unimaginable bliss.

A few other people believe in a more adventurous idea of death and the afterlife. It is that physical death is, perhaps, a way of reshuffling characters.

According to this ideology, there is nothing of an afterlife. Instead, people only die and come back to life as newborn babies.

These reincarnates are thought to rarely ever occur to the same parents they had in their first lives, but rather become part of entirely different families.

Dreaming Of Dead Relatives

Dreaming Of Dead Relatives Biblical Meaning
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The death of a relative usually hurts differently especially if it was a parent or sibling. There is one thing to note, however.

No matter how close we were with a family member, dreaming of them after they are dead crosses the line.

This makes you really want to know what it means by having this experience. Well, the truth about the spiritual meaning of dreaming of dead relatives is that it is usually a sign of divine help.

And here are a few things you need to observe in order to get the full message of such dreams.

#1. Considering what your dead relative says or does.

Do they speak about an experience you both had some time in the past, do they narrate what seems to be the event that lead to their death, or were they just crying all through?

#2.The entire dream features.

For example, did the dead relative appear to be at ease, or in great distress, were they running, walking, or perhaps sitting, and what was the dream environment like – a calm, beautiful place, or a harsh, unsettling scene.

#3. Your relationship with them when they were still alive.

Another thing to consider when you dream of a dead relative is how the relationship between you two was.

This is why dreaming of a dead cousin might not bring any special message as dreaming of a mother would.

Dreaming Of Someone Who Is Alive Dying

It is possible to dream about the death or dying of someone who is still alive. It could be an old-time friend you’ve lost contact with or even someone you met just the day before.

Dreams of this nature mostly only occur to very close friends or family members of the dying individual. In some rare cases, one might even also have this kind of dream concerning themselves.

Dreaming of someone who is alive and dying reveals a number of things. First and more straightforward, it tells that death is about to happen – and real soon, especially when this person is already in a critical condition.

In this instance, you are informed of the person’s departure but are not assigned to do anything about it.

For example, if it is about a friend who had an accident and has since been in excruciating pain, then the dream would mean that they are at the end of their suffering.

On the other hand, dreams of this nature serve as an alarm and a sort of call to action. Indeed, the spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone who is alive and dying could be that you need to do something to avoid exactly what you dreamt about.

So, in fact, if you have a dream in this context, you have just been divinely appointed a superhero.

Biblical Meaning Of A Dead Body In A Dream
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Biblical Meaning Of A Dead Body In A Dream

From time immemorial, dead bodies have always been handled by a select few. You would wonder why. Well, it is as simple as the Bible’s emphasis that there is no connection between the living and the dead.

This refers to spiritual connections, for example when trying to summon the dead, as well as physical body contacts.

The scripture in Numbers 19:11 clarifies things by saying:

“…whoever touches the dead body of anyone will be unclean for seven days.”

Therefore, in essence, the spiritual meaning of a dead body is uncleanliness and defilement.

Dreaming Of A Dead Person Talking To You

Sometimes, dreams about death and dead people might come in form of a dead person talking to you. This is a form of visitation dream and it is usually nothing to worry about.

Why do we say so? Because most often, these kinds of dream happens to present us with a divine message.

It is usually something that benefits us or promotes a course of action. Being so, these dreams do not hold any form of anger, evil, or hate.

If they do so, it is usually directed towards someone else, for example, the dead person’s killer, a lifetime enemy, or an oppressor.

Despite that dreams of this nature do not have evil connotations, they are still something you should not play about. Why we say so is that they typically offer invaluable instructions.

This makes it important to remember the dream exactly as you had it and to carefully analyze it with a spiritual eye.

Biblical Meaning Of Dreaming Of Deceased Mother

A mother’s presence in the physical world often represent safety and comfort. So also would her presence in a dream even though it comes after her death.

This makes a visitation dream which has the spiritual meaning of advice, divine direction, or divine comfort.

Dreaming of a deceased mother might stir up so many emotions. It would often leave you in tears for want of those warm hugs or lovely welcome kisses.

However, at the end of the experience, you would feel a coat of affection wrap around you. This would reestablish the fact that it was your mother who appeared to you.

Biblical Meaning Of Dreaming Of Deceased Mother
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Secondly, dreams like this could offer crucial words especially to close family members. It could be anything from the true cause of your mother’s death to what relatives must do to avoid such a fate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Death In A Dream Mean Spiritually?

The spiritual meaning of death in a dream is that a great transformation or change is happening or about to happen in your life. This change or transformation may not start with you, or even directly happen to you.

Instead, it might happen to relatives, close friends, or people you share a bond. In this case, it appears to you because the change will eventually impact your own life.

What Does It Mean To Dream That Someone Has Died?

From the onset, dreams are somewhat unnatural and unfamiliar. This is what makes them especially linked to spiritual changes, events, and meanings.

Also, when someone dies, their beautiful bodies go through an unprecedented series of deteriorative changes. This goes on and on until their flesh and bones become one with the elements.

Putting this together, we would understand that dreaming someone has died points to a loss of some sort. But there is a bigger picture to see here. And that depends on who exactly it is that seems to die in our dream.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About The Death Of A Family Member?

A dream about the death of a family member obviously points to the death of a family member. But that is not the only interpretation there is. Dreams like this could mean that a family is on the brink of losing something they all deeply cherish.

This something could be a family pet, a family business or perhaps assets and properties like cars, and houses. In addition, a family could lose their peace, safety, or social status.

Why Do I Dream About Death?

If you dream about death or a dead person or someone alive dying – once or twice, you are probably just the right person to have gotten the messages there.

And here’s another thing about dreams; the type of dream you have, and the details of the dream all matter. But we often forget that the consistency of dreams also adds an interpretation.

Having a particular kind of dream over and over again is enough to tell a story. Again, if you have the exact same dream – with precisely similar details – then that tells an even bigger story.

The real problem starts when you begin having reoccurring dreams about death. In simple words, it spells trouble. You would want to search within yourself because you might need an urgent spiritual overhaul.

Also, you would want to ask yourself if there is something terrible you did, and how you can undo it or at least make amends for it.


Dreams easily appear spooky and death is nothing to write home about. This makes dreams about death or dead people a scary experience. But it shouldn’t be, so there is no reason to be afraid when you have one of those!

In fact, unlike what we may think, the spiritual meaning of dreaming about death is a huge transformation.

This article efficiently explains the most common kinds of dreams about death. It will also give you a heads up on the possible interpretations of them.

So, the first take-home point is that dreams about dead people are not all evil. And finally, the key to understanding each dream is through careful spiritual consideration of every detail it offers.

Thank you for going through this post and I hope it provided you with valuable information.

Wishing you joy and fulfillment and pleasant dreams!

Love, Veramaze.

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