Coincidence Is God’s Way of Remaining Anonymous – Was Albert Einstein Right?

Coincidence Is God's Way Of Remaining Anonymous
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The belief that coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous is a complicated quote ascribed to Albert Einstein. While there are suggestions that this may not be directly related to him, there are enough evidence around us that the coincidence is truly God’s way of remaining anonymous.

This article will provide you with experienced insights on how God chooses to be anonymous and how coincidence is the perfect mask for it.

Which God Does Albert Einstein Think Is Anonymous Through Coincidence?

Over the years, humans have chosen different gods and ways of worshipping them. There are deists, pantheists, agonistics, and theists. I will not dabble into who seems right or wrong in this article.

Instead, you and I will wrap our heads together and address the fact that coincidences happen, and they thicken the mask of an omnipotent God(s). We also know that Einstein identified as an agnostic, as such, he likely had no God in mind.

Are Coincidences Actually Real?

When you take a critical look at everything, you will realize that every human being has experienced situations that seemed too perfect to be real. We have had coincidences so surprising, yet, so profound that they leave a permanent print in our lives.

By way of illustration, you are a little late this morning, and you get to work exactly when the director steps out of his car. Let’s assume you have never met him until that moment. And through this meeting you introduced yourself, became acknowledgeable and you got yourself a chance to show your work directly to the person who can promote you.

Late For Work
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It is a terrible thing to appear late at work. But you may never get the chance to meet the director if you haven’t left home at that moment you did. It is a pure coincidence that would not have happened unless it was just designed to happen.

Similarly, you may run into your favorite movie star in a mall because you show up at the moment she comes shopping. You may have decided to pick some other things elsewhere but for some strange reasons, the other plans didn’t work so you decided to grab the items you need here before returning home.

Showing up at that time is not even part of the day’s plans. Yet, you’d have missed this movie star if you hadn’t shown up at that moment.

In some other situations, you may run into your doppelganger while skiing in Australia. You will get heebie-jeebies when you realize that he is from a completely different family in another nation and he walked right in to where you were having fun. You will subconsciously ask yourself whether this is another ordinary event in your life.

Who knew the fellow you met in the eatery will turn out to be your best friend in college? It is also a coincidence that the tiny dullard in your high school turned out the best student in college. We only have to take a step back and reflect upon our life experiences. Too many things happen just when we are not looking.

Many even start as random circumstances. For instance, we run into someone on a walkway, and they turn out to be the best friend who will stay with us in the coming years. We will lose count if we try to put a finger on the number of coincidences we have experienced.

So, one thing is certain, coincidences certainly happen. We must also remember that Albert Einstein maintained an agnostic stand throughout his life. This implies that he may not have a particular “god” in mind. Nonetheless, Einstein believes in the existence of a Supreme Being who ought to be involved in the affairs of humans, but instead, decided to remain anonymous.

How Does God Choose Coincidence As A Way Of Remaining Anonymous?

Einstein is of the opinion that God is not so easy to identify and understand because we do not see Him, nor do we directly hear His words. Rather than reveal himself to us, God hides His plans in coincidences.

He makes things happen in an ordinary, yet, interconnected way that no one saw coming. Yet, His plans are so sophisticated that these simple experiences may result in much more significant events in our lives.

For instance, many people did not realize they could start off a business and accomplish impossible things. But it happened when they got fired and ran out of money. They started to see that they needed to do something on their own. Then, they went all out and became revolutionaries.

While Steve Job, the founder of Apple Inc., dropped out of Reed College and enrolled in a calligraphy class, he had no idea what he was doing. He may have felt remorse at dropping out. He openly admitted that he attended the calligraphy school for fun and personal interests.

Yet, somewhere along the line, it turned out that his presence at the calligraphy sessions helped him to create the sensational fonts that Apple Inc. products enjoy forever. If he hadn’t taken that class, Apple Inc. fonts may not be so brilliant and professional.

Steve Jobs - The dots connect always looking backward.
Photo by Firmbee via Pixabay

This is a pointer to how God plays His role while relying on coincidences. God had planned that Steve Jobs would build and design the font of the highest valued computer company.

Rather than plainly lead him through the path, God led him through college where he met friends. God also led him to attend the calligraphy school which prepared him for his role in the coming years.

Similarly, the little things in our lives connect in magical ways. The ordinary things we do for fun, the people we meet casually, and the tiny experiences that line up our path all form integral parts of our existence.

Pause for a second and think about them all. Remember the time you wouldn’t have met someone if you hadn’t decided to show up late for lunch, or you took a cab instead of the bus. How did these simple coincidences come to be? Who knew they would come to mean so much?

If Albert Einstein did put forward the quote that “coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous,” he knew exactly what he was tugging at. The above analysis should prompt you to see that God, gods, angels, and cosmic forces send a message or intervene through this unusual natural phenomenon.

Theists Believe That Coincidence Is God’s Way Of Remaining Anonymous

In the Christian Bible, a verse goes that “in his heart, a man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps”. This simple yet profound verse reflects the suggestion that a human being can plan all he likes.

But what happens at the end of the day always boils down to what “the Lord” has in plans. As you already see, the Lord does not show up in any way or do anything out of the ordinary.

He just changes the direction of a man through coincidences that were unplanned by the man. Sometimes, he lets the man’s plans happen but the most important thing is to acknowledge that plans do not happen because you want them to happen.

God is ultimately in charge of what happens which is why many unplanned things happen in our lives despite that we have planned so cautiously.

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A believing Christian must understand and internalize this simple rule of faith. To the average believer, it should even go beyond casual events.

Believers should believe that God can intervene at a crucial time they have a need and nothing seems to be forthcoming. They should believe in miracles, and the power of God to make things happen through coincidences even if they will never see God.

Similarly, religions like Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism stress the presence of God through coincidences.

The Conflicting View: What If Albert Einstein Was Wrong? 

On the flip side, we may disagree that coincidences have nothing to do with God. We may say that things happen because they have no choice and there is no reason we should attribute them to God.

For instance, you do not run into the managing director because you are late. You still need to get to work and the director also wanted to put in an appearance. You just appeared to show up at the same time.

This philosophical position maintains that it is no big deal that the tiny boy in high school turned out a big wig in college. If he didn’t, someone else would. So, he just turned out to be.

Also, Steve Jobs may have dropped out of college for a calligraphy school, but this is no big deal. He could have taken the calligraphy lessons on a side while he was still in school. Besides, we learn many things for fun and we do not apply most of them.

The fact that he applied one or a couple does not imply that he applies everything he learned for fun. So, it is not a big deal that he learned something for fun and later found an application for it.

This second position strives to establish that coincidence is not God’s or anyone’s way of remaining anonymous. It is just a clear indication of the fact that life is supposed to happen in some way.

No evidence strongly suggests that anyone is out there trying to play hide-and-seek through coincidences. When you leave home for work in the morning, other people have to leave for their respective workplaces.

They ply the same route as you since you are all heading the same way till each person’s path terminates.

While you walk the same path, it is healthy to interact and connect. It is also healthy to go on to build further relationships with the people you know. There is no questioning the prospect of coincidences.

However, these coincidences are not easy to track down to anyone playing anonymity. By way of illustration, you may meet your doppelganger in a country you went on a trip to. Such experiences are not usual.

It is a strong coincidence that this twin happened to be present right where you decided to visit and they are from an entirely different background. However, nothing about this suggests an omnipotent being at work.

So, it becomes a question of exactly how God plays anonymity through coincidence.

So, Is Coincidence God’s Way Of Remaining Anonymous?

Is Coincidence God's Way of Remaining Anonymous
Photo by Aaron Cabrera via Pixabay

It is further interesting that this quote was allegedly put forward by Albert Einstein, a man who was deemed to be devoid of religious convictions. This single fact gives us a new perspective on the topic.

A man like Albert Einstein must be clear about his declarations on God. He has earlier identified as an agnostic and it would be tough to suddenly assume that Albert took to theism halfway.

The only way to understand this statement is to admit that God really chooses to remain anonymous through coincidence. In other words, it is not a question of whether or not God was playing hide and seek with coincidence.

It is the case that God would have been understood more if there were no coincidences.

A critical evaluation shows that though we are slow to admit it, coincidence remains one of the most complicated reasons we could never really tell whether there is God or not.

Neither can we wrap our heads around what God would look like simply because there are coincidences.

By way of illustration, you need to sit back and think about the unbelievable times of your life. The times you fervently prayed and asked for something from God.

Think about the times that you knew you did not deserve what you are asking. You also knew that it would be difficult, if not impossible. So, you simply prayed.

Assuming that some miracle and despite being an underdog, you achieved such things, it would naturally seem to you that your prayer was answered. It fuels your impression that there is an omnipotent being and he hears you right.

In another scenario, you live in Canada and went skiing in Australia during winter. There, you met a doppelganger who has a differently family, parent, and historical background.

An experience like this makes you wonder but does not necessarily make you accept that there is a god. But it sets off series of thoughts in your mind. It keeps you wondering whether there is a supernatural being in charge of these surprises and miracles.

And you will be prompted to think about God.

Whether or not we care to admit it, coincidences are real. They manifest in our daily experiences and we cannot grow out of them. Some of them appear ordinary and insignificant. Some appear to hold so much significance that we suspect nature, God, or some supernatural being is at play.

For example, someone you used to like in high school showed up out of the blues to save you from a mess in college. A lady around you was telling her friends about how she lost some money in a camp years ago. Much to your surprise, you were in the same camp that year and you remember finding that money.

Of course, you hadn’t known the woman until that night.

You may have some other shocking coincidences when you look back on how things connect in your life. Even if you are an atheist, you cannot easily dismiss the impressions that these coincidences leave on you.

They make you wonder whether or not there really is a God. And the fact remains that you will never know whether these coincidences just happen or they are really motivated by a God as a perfect way of remaining anonymous.

Thank you for going through this post and I hope it gave you some food for thought!

Wishing you many beautiful coincidences in your life!

Love, Veramaze.

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