Never Feel Worn Out Again Eating High Vibration Foods

Never Feel Worn Out Again Eating High Vibration Foods
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Perhaps we have heard of high vibration foods and found ourselves wondering what they really are. Well, here it is. High vibration foods are special types of foods that go beyond just delivering nutritional value to replenishing one’s basic and fundamental life energy.

High vibration foods are slightly different and more beneficial than ordinary food types. This is because they positively impact one’s existence. They revive their physical and metaphysical energy and, in turn, enhance overall output and growth.

If you feel like your energy levels are too low, high vibration foods are all you need to implement in your diet to boost your energy using what nature provides for us.

The Concept Behind It

The entire world is a large ball of energy. This goes far beyond our solar system to include stars and celestial bodies billions of miles away.

Everything within this system possesses some energy and interacts with each other by sharing. According to this article on the universal law of vibration:

“The more energy we have, the more we vibrate, and the more we vibrate, the more we inspire the vibration and energy of those around us.”

This vibration might be an abstract phenomenon, but it has real-life effects. For us, high vibration will bring a sense of fulfillment, awareness, and appreciation. On the other hand, low vibration can lead to anxiety, depression, and a generally poor outlook.

The concept of high vibration foods is therefore to identify the more energy-filled plant and animal foodstuffs and maximize the vibration we absorb when we consume them.

How We Are Impacted by Eating High Vibration Foods

First, How Are We Impacted by Eating Regular Foods?

To completely understand what high vibration foods are and how they impact us, we will need to start from the basics. This is in talking about foods and how we eat them and what they do to us.

Food is any substance taken in by an organism and processed into energy for repair, and growth. It is a basic requirement for the sustenance of life of all plants and animals.

In addition to its predominant role, food is important for initiating, promoting, or controlling many psychological processes. It can be prepared and consumed in a way that prompts relaxation, mindfulness, or even critical thinking.

This brings us to how we make and eat our foods. If we think that the process by which we make our food, or the manner in which we go about this is not worth the consideration then we are wrong.

Even the manner in which we eat our food is relevant to what we will get from it. Here is an example.

Specimen A comes home from a difficult day at work and needs to fix lunch or dinner. Their mind is still partly on an incident that happened between them and their boss and their overall mood is not cheerful.

As a result of their state, specimen A will likely tend to undercook or overcook their food. They might also make use of spices or ingredients more than or less than they should.

By cooking in this manner, they will be unable to release the fundamental life energy present in their food. Additionally, because of their mood, specimen A will be unable to eat their food in a manner that allows them to completely absorb the vibration present in it.

Now, How Do High Vibration Foods Impact Us?

High vibration foods or angel diets are more than just regular foods. They supply nutritional benefits and some form of biochemical energy but with a whole lot of fundamental life energy which increases our own vibration.

A big difference between these kinds of foods and regular foods is that one requires skill while the other requires a lifestyle. What do we mean?

We only need to be average people to learn how to cook delicious but ordinary foods. On the other hand, we need to have a skill, build a habit, and carry a certain mentality to be able to prepare high vibration foods.

These kinds of foods are often green, leafy, and succulent, and in their natural states. Also, they are grown naturally in the ground and not in a lab or artificial facility.

Furthermore, high vibration foods are specially chosen for parts that grow either towards the sky or deep into the ground.

These properties make up the ways in which high vibration foods impact us. To begin with, their basic form brings us in tune with nature.

Because high vibration foods exist in their natural states, they pack a ton of prana, which is the fundamental life energy. When we absorb this, we feel refreshed, healthy, and even more alive.

We have a better outlook on life, we want to do more and we are sensitive to the things around us. This energy can help suppress suicidal tendencies, increase one’s enthusiasm and even prompt the realization of purpose.

The leafy and succulent nature of high vibration foods makes them function like every ordinary food. It is what brings physical satisfaction and nutritional benefits.

It is also the source of high amounts of biochemical energy in the body. And that’s not all.

There is an important impact of high vibration foods that comes from the way they grow. For example, above the ground as stems or fruits, or below the ground as roots or tubers.

The aerial fruits and stems possess fundamental life energy that brings about inner growth and expansion. By eating it, we realize more of who we are, and we are attracted to the good in us and in others. We may even become expressive and rapidly propagate towards our goals.

Combining these with underground parts of high vibration foods is even more beneficial. It will boost our metaphysical energy to levels we do not expect.

Just as the name suggests, underground parts of these foods grow inside the earth. They reach out to mother nature, therefore, packing a huge bank of vibration in them.

Purposefully including this in our diet will help us absorb much of this vibration. In turn, this energy brings awareness, thoughtfulness, and connectivity. We also become more sensitive and have a clearer understanding.

Cooking High Vibration Foods

Cooking High Vibration Foods
Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova via Pexels

Getting Our Ingredients Right

Cooking is all about two things; ingredients and method. These two affect the quality of the food and the overall benefit that it provides.

For high vibration foods, the first thing we must know is that the ingredients must be kept strictly natural. There is no room for additives, artificial coloring, flavor, or processed ingredients.

This is a rule we must abide by. It is important if we want to get all the vibration we can from our food.

The reason for it is that natural things possess far more vibrational energy than artificial ones, whether foodstuffs or cooking processes. Therefore, by adding artificially manufactured or processed ingredients to our food, it becomes less vibrational.

These ingredients soak up the fundamental life energy present in the food. They take away from it, and significantly reduce the value of our food when we think of its effect on our existence as a whole.

The summary of this is that we need to stay away from all shades of refined oil or sugar, processed foods, and genetically modified foods (GMO). They have nothing to offer us as far as high vibration is concerned.

Alternatively, fruits, legumes, nuts, and natural oils make a better replacement for the above kinds of foods. These products come directly from nature and, as a result, they have a high vibration which is usually still intact after cooking.

The Right Mood For Cooking High Vibration Foods

We jumped on this earlier but we will be expanding it now. The manner in which we cook our food is the spice that will make it retain its vibration for our consumption.

It is the channel that will allow the energy to flow from our green vegetables to us. And finally, it is the property that will allow us to become permeable to its vibration and energy.

We need all of these three things. Our food must possess high vibrational energy. This must be completely in store for us after we cook it.

Beyond that, we must be able to create a channel between us and what we eat. We must connect with our food from when it is still raw and uncooked. We must be able to feel the vibration in it.

We must see how it will add to our energy and be excited about it. The essence of this is to migrate vibrational energy from our food and into our being.

After creating this channel, the next step is to prepare ourselves to absorb the incoming energy. This involves positioning our minds. It involves believing that the vibrational energy in our foods will diffuse into us. It requires that we feel relaxed but at the same time, bright.

All these put together make the mood for cooking high vibration. The whole procedure essentially demands a conscious effort. We must be present and purposeful about it.

High vibration foods are mostly about this. The joy we have while cooking, the intention to get the most from our food, and the expectation of a really whole meal all count. If we get this right, we will fully absorb the vibration from our food.

High Vibration Foods For Breakfast And More

High Vibration Foods For Breakfast
Photo by Natalie via Pexels

A number of different foods fall within the category of being high vibrational. This means that we do not have to worry about variety while trying to eat whole. Here is a list of some items we can quickly grab at the store:

  • Pure water: We all know that water is naturally refreshing. When it is pure, it becomes more vibrational. This is a good start considering the fact that water is a daily necessity.
  • Legumes: Legumes are succulent and possess all of the natural energy we would need. Examples of these are tempeh, edamame, lentils, butter beans.
  • Whole Grains: Anything from oat to millet and brown rice falls under this. They make up an important and widely available class of high vibration foods. Barley, buckwheat and amaranth are also examples of whole grain.
  • Seeds and Nuts: Seeds are another great source of metaphysical energy. They are the beginning of plant life and as such, possess a lot of vibration. Examples of these are almonds, walnuts, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds.
  • Edible Herbs: Most herbs are known to have some form of healing potential. This goes to show that they are also very relevant sources of high vibration.
  • Pure Honey: The use of honey as food is nothing new. However, their vibrational property is recently gaining attention. Pure honey contains a great deal of the fundamental life energy we are looking into.
  • Anything fermented: As mentioned earlier, both food items and the methods of processing them adds to make a food high vibrational. Fermentation is one such process. Fermented foods are very well worth getting on our list and they include kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha.
  • Teas: Whether black tea, green tea, peppermint tea, or chai tea, teas generally possess a lot of vibration.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Only a few foods compete with the vibration that comes from vegetables especially when they are taken fresh and in season. This makes it a popular diet recommendation for eating whole foods. Cabbage, garlic, tomatoes, peas, coconut, avocado, watermelon all exist in this category.

Scribd offers a lot more examples of each of these types of high vibration foods. It will be of help to anyone finding it hard to decide what exactly they should get.

Low Vibration Foods – What to Avoid

Low Vibration Foods - What To Avoid
Photo by Caleb Oquendo via Pexels

Even though there are lots of high vibration foods, there are a whole lot more foods that reduce our vibration.

According to Cate Ritter Wellness, this includes artificial sweeteners (aspartame and sucralose), and processed fats such as trans-fat and partially/fully hydrogenated fats (canola, margarine, cottonseed).

Again, we would want to avoid low vibration foods like soda drinks, refined sugars (brown sugars and agave), refined legumes (tofu, soy milk), canned, packaged or precooked food (sardine), non-organic foods treated with chemicals, and all forms of genetically modified foods (GMO).

Eating deep-fried or microwaved foods would significantly lower our vibration and so would alcohol, water from plastic bottles, and pasteurized cow milk.

Spotting the Highs and the Lows

We might want to go beyond these lists to really understand and include high vibration foods in our diet. The question then would be how do we spot the highs and the lows? Well, here’s how.

All organic foods are high vibrational. In addition, the most of high vibration foods naturally appear green in color. Another trick for recognizing high vibrational foods is that they are usually unprocessed, or at least processed organically.

Finally, to spot high vibration foods, simply read the labels of food products you purchase or intend to purchase.

The Benefits of High Vibration Foods

Angel diets pose important benefits across several aspects of life and work. Let’s take a look at some:

Yoga Uses The Benefits of High Vibration Foods
Photo by RFStudio via Pexels
  • Yoga/Meditation: Meditation has a list of purposes, including forgiveness, longevity, the attainment of relaxation, higher levels of focus, dedication, and more. High vibration foods also function similarly. This makes these foods beneficial in improving the effects of yoga and meditation practices.
  • Religion: Many religious practices today are deeply infused with high vibration foods. The ability of these foods to provide a higher vibration is attractive to worshippers. They are believed to be useful in helping worshippers connect with divine activities or beings which operate at higher-than-regular energy levels.
  • Medicine: Since they are still all foods, angel diets provide functional medicinal effects when consumed. They are important sources of basic nutrients and bodily nourishment.

Final Note

In this post, we did our best to explain how high vibration foods are essential foods that release metaphysical energy in addition to regular biochemical energy.

These foods connect the human gut and brain. They also improve a person’s existence.

Many dieticians, individuals, and experts across the globe are currently interested in these foods. This is because they are functional and can provide a series of psychological benefits.

As much as this is true, however, it is important to note that an acceptance mindset is required to get these foods working. We need to keep this in mind as we venture into our spiritual and personal growth journeys.

We hope that this post inspired you into implementing these valuable types of food into your daily diet!

See you in another of my posts.

Love, Veramaze.

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