How to Manifest Money – The Powerful Mindset Towards Wealth

How To Manifest Money

Money is one of the crucial assets that you cannot do without as a human being. At least, not on this planet! You are going to need it no matter what part of the world you are in.

It is no shock that many people often travel all around the world, study hard in college or learn skills in the quest to manifest money in their lives.

Painfully, billions of humans across the world still linger in abject poverty. According to the United States Census Bureau in 2018, no less than 45 million residents of the US are living beyond the poverty line.

It’s not surprising that even the middle class and the top class are working hard to see that the money keeps coming in. We all want to manifest wealth and solve our problems, right? Of course! This is why we will focus on the mindset that is required in order to manifest money in the next few lines.

Manifesting money is not a walk in the park. Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and the top richest men in the world can tell you that. As a matter of fact, all of these rich folks will tell you that there are rules to it.

There are ethics, attitudes, and laws you must live by if you truly desire to manifest money. Without obeying these laws, there is no manifesting money. You are yet to manifest your financial aspirations because you did not abide by them.

Why You Are Still Unable to Manifest Money

1. Your Attitude Towards Making Money

What do you understand about money? How do you perceive it?

Frankly, we all know money as a means of getting what we want, and not having it sometimes can cause anxiety. But, the lack of money shouldn’t get into your head. It shouldn’t shove the wrong views about money into your mind. It is wrong to think that “I can’t afford this. This is for the wealthy folks. This is too much for a normal person” etc. This is what we call a poverty mindset and you should stay away from it if you aim for wealth.

The more you have an attitude of self-doubt, the more you assume that some things are just not for people like you. The more you believe people who tell you to stay within your safety net, the less you are able to manifest money.

2. Your Spending Habits

The next reason you are unable to manifest money is your spending habit; Mac Duke, the British strategist believes that “poor spending habits lead to poverty.” If you are the type who cashes in on your credit card till you reached the limit, you should not be shocked that you do not have money.

Spending Habits
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I have to admit that spending money is fun. There is a great feeling that rolls in our body system when we want something and there is some money lying around that we can use to get it. But there is always a lot more; money should be spent on needs, not wants.

Author Jury Nel says that “I want is not the same as ‘I need, and I am doing the following to get it.” We should close this part with one note. The way people tend to buy things; “a person who has $20 will buy something for $40 if it’s marked down from $100”.

3. Committing Financial Mistakes

This is one sensitive mistake that more than half of the world is making. On average, a lot of people invest in one thing or another. If you are not trying stocks, you are trying real estates and other financial tradings. The bad news is that people often pull out of these investments earlier than they ought to. They impatiently withdraw their funds for needs that are apparently short-term. In other cases, people make the wrong investment choices and stick to them.

It depends on how you choose to approach this problem, there are score reasons that people do not manifest money in their lives. We cannot dwell on these problems forever, however. We must head on to the rules of manifesting money. They are the methods that rich people will recommend to you and you must apply them if you desire to manifest wealth in your life.

How To Manifest The Money You Want

1. Learn the Art of Manifestation

The number one way to manifest the money you want is to understand the art of manifesting money. In case nobody told you, you can acquire as much money as you ever desire, no matter your current financial condition. All you have to do is learn how to apply some of the most powerful manifestation techniques.

2. Adopt the Law of Unwavering Desire

The most underused weapon in the human body is the mind. In essence, you need to feel a fiery passion before you can go all out after it. You need an unwavering desire and a fiercely burning passion to manifest money before you can indeed, manifest money.

This passion will hold you together at the times that you aspire and get disappointed. It will pull you together in your dark days and strengthen you despite every snag you encounter on your way to success. Building such a desire for your dreams can help to make them real. You have to build that fiery passion to manifest money now.

3. Applying the Law of  Magnetism

The Law of Magnetism
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One of the most powerful Universal Laws is the Law of Magnetism.

Do you know the spectacular thing about magnets? They are never single. Objects always come to them from far and near, and they do not have to go anywhere. Similarly, you can become a magnet that attracts your dreams.

You must begin to see yourself as an empire that does not have to chase wealth and prosperity. Everything you need must come to you. However, the magnet has one thing that attracts everything else; a magnetic property that creates a magnetic field.

Equally, you must have values that you are bringing to the table. You must have clear skills, talents, uniqueness that the rest of the world can pay through their nose to have. Try different legal means to get money. There is always something you can do and can be paid for. Even when you think there’s nothing you can do, try new things.

Focus on your ability and see what you can do. Apply the law of magnetism and be a magnet! After all, like attracts like!

4. Attract With a Delicate Balance

If you have ever been in a relationship with someone, you would recall that you hate it when they seem too clingy to you. They look like they can’t do without you and they choke you with their love. Have you ever been in a situation like that? That partner’s attraction was not balanced.

Here is where we are going; you should attract your dreams with as much focus as you can. But you should not forsake the rest of your life for your dream. You have to make sure every important sector in your life is not thrashed or sidelined just to get money. Do not lose your health, thrash your morals, or lose your family and happiness just so you can become wealthy. You have to find a way to bring it all along. A toxic attraction for money can make it difficult to get it.

Look at your life and appreciate what money has helped you achieve, whether little or big. Know that it was money that enabled you to get the things you have, and you will still have more money. Even if the path seems rocky and unbearable, you shouldn’t appear beaten. Be grateful and happy!

Apply the “30 Days of Gratitude” plan. Being in a gratitude state will help you attract anything, including money!

5. Assess Your Life

There’s enough money you need available on this earth. You only need to get something right to get all the money you want. This is why one of my reasons for how to manifest money is to assess your life. Go through everything that has to do with your life; you might be doing something wrong. Maybe, there is a part of your life you’ve abandoned.

You can only manifest money and anything else you want when you have balance in your life and feel good! If you have a problem in some areas of your life, it will be difficult for you to attract anything positive.  For example, if you are in an abusive relationship, it might be impossible to concentrate on making money. Maybe a health problem can take your focus away from thinking about making money. Negative energy in your house can harm your ability to successfully manifest your dreams, so you must find ways to eliminate this negative energy and replace it with positive.

So, examine your life and look for what’s wrong, then work on it. All other manifesting tricks can only work when your feelings are aligned with your desire to make your life better.

6. Pay Attention to Your Intuition

Pay serious attention to your instincts. Most times, the answers to our problem is right in our mind, just in front of us. Listen to your intuition and you will realize there are pretty easy ways to fetch money in your mind. The ideas are just waiting to be fetched.

Listen, connect, and follow your intuition. Your intuition has the best answer for you. It tells you the right step you need to take, the thing you need to do to achieve your financial goals. When you listen to your intuition, you don’t require others’ approval to do what you want.

A lot of rich people today claim always to follow their intuition. Mark Zuckerberg often tells tales of how he knew deep down that Facebook was the goldmine for him. Why do you think Thomas Edison continued to try making bulbs despite failing as much as 10,000 times? Intuition! He knew without being told that this was it. Your mind has a lot to say to you. Begin to meditate about life and listen to your mind.

7. Flee your comfort threshold

Comfort is the basic reason most people do not advance their careers. They attain some position of authority, begin to get some fat salary and dump the bigger goal altogether. If you truly seek wealth, then you must not allow this to happen to you.

It is great to celebrate your periodic wins, but you must understand that whatever appears comfortable today can become your trap for not achieving more. You must always recall that the farther you go, the nearer you get to financial liberation.

In some complex situations, getting your dream is not going to be comfortable for you at all. You are going to lose when you hoped you would win. You are going to get it wrong when you should get it right and you must continue to persist when such happens.

Keep Going

Do you recall the life of Abraham Lincoln? He was a serial loser who lost every seat he had ever contested. From congress to the parliament, nobody found him good enough for anything. He kept losing all of his elections till he contested for the highest seat in the country. He won that election. Even if it doesn’t seem to be going your way today, learn to persist, regardless!

8. Spend Wisely

This is very important to manifesting money. Spend wisely. Do not spend money on things that are not important. Focus on the essential things you need in your life. Always feel that there is abundance and you can easily make more money but spending it in vane soon will get you in the unpleasant situation of feeling you don’t have enough and you need to get more.

Be aware of the people around you! It’s important to share the same mindset! After all, you are the average of the 5 people you spent your time with, in all aspects of your life! If the friends you keep don’t encourage you to save money and spend it unwisely, then change them.

Many people do not know that the idea of manifesting money has to do with so many things. You can’t achieve that within a short period. There are many sacrifices to be made and a lot of positive motives that will help you expand your money. All that matters is that you choose the right approach and follow the compass of success.

If you believe you will have money, you will. That’s why you need to stop thinking otherwise. Practice all the ways to manifest the funds mentioned above and see the change in your life.

Trust your instinct, get a burning desire for your goal and Take Action Now!

May your life be more and more abundant!

See you on another of my posts!

With love and gratitude,



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