Create Your Dream Life Using a Manifestation Journal

Create Your Dream Life Using A Manifestation Journal
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A manifestation journal is one of the most important pieces that you can create yourself. It is a piece of writing; a simple yet powerful combination of words that can initiate a life-changing effect in you.

It is not a piece of writing that can ever be bought, sold or tossed anywhere. It is a content designed by you to help you communicate with your insides.

To begin with, manifestation is the process of making your inner desires happen in the world. It is a deliberate attempt to actualize the dreams and aspirations that you nurse deep down in your heart. Your dreams could be a happy marriage, financial freedom, sound health, promotion, or happiness. Whatever it is, manifestation is the act and process of making it happen.

People work day and night to manifest their dreams. They choose a saving pattern, sleep and work pattern, and even the friends they relate with just to make sure they actualize their dreams.

In the words of a Mexican author, Don Miguel Ruiz, ‘your life is the manifestation of your dream.’ In other words, the whole race of life is about manifesting our dreams.

To manifest their respective dreams, many people learn different arts and laws. They have training, mentorships and conferences. They even try mantras, yoga and mind training games. Yet, there is a large and powerful blankness between them and their dreams that they cannot bring themselves to conquer.

If you are one such person, you’re reading the final key that can change your life forever. You do not need to keep trying and pushing yourself to the wall. What you need is a manifestation journal.

What is a Manifestation Journal

A manifestation journal is a manuscript that you create to help you accomplish your dreams. It is a document that outlines the process to actualize your dreams one step after the next. Your manifestation journal is a letter to your subconscious mind and you may consider it a way to create a connection between your inner and outer environment.

If you have read all the Laws of Attraction and you are still unsure where to start, a manifestation journal is your perfect starting gate. It is an opening move to activate your manifestation journey and it can be a game-changer for you.

If you are reading this piece and you are yet to trust your guts on your manifestation process, you equally need a manifestation journal. It is a simple yet sophisticated weapon for every human.

How Exactly a Manifestation Journal Works

A manifestation journal is like any other journal. The spectacular difference is that therein, you document everything that can help you manifest your dreams. It is not a journal of health or literature. It is neither one for your daily reports and personal diary.

It is a journal for your dreams. You start writing in it by stating your exact dreams. You must ensure that you are specific and explicit about every dream put down.

Typically, you can split the journal into different sections and dedicate a section to an aspect of your life. For instance, the first section can be for your career. The next can be for your health, your family and the list goes on.

In each section, you must state the precise dream that you’re hard-driving to actualize. By way of illustration, your marital dreams may be to build a family of two healthy kids, a family that will stick together and remain happy, whatever may come.

Personal goals
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With a dream like that, we can say that you have a clear picture of what you want. The more detailed the picture, the more effective the manifestation progress. You can do it this way for every section you create.

No rules are guiding the number of dreams you can have. There is nothing stopping you. You can dream as wide as the ocean and pack them up in the manifestation journal. The most important factor is to be sure that you are not duplicating any dream.

Also, be sure that they are valid dreams and you are willing to make every effort to manifest them. You should be sure that your dreams are realistic too. Even though the maxim; ‘we can achieve anything’ is true, humans must learn to face the reality of manifestation.

It is really important to be able to believe in your dream and have faith you can achieve it. This results in vibrating in higher frequencies, which according to the truth “like attracts like” will attract to you people, things and situations that will help you towards manifesting your dreams. So, make your dreams real!

Having a real dream does not imply that you will blend into the norms. That’s not it. Rather, it indicates that your dreams are SMART, where;

  • S indicates- Specific– You should have a specific dream.
  • M indicates –Measurable– Your dream should be measurable.
  • A indicates- Attainable– Your dream should be attainable.
  • R indicates- Relevant – Your dream should be relevant to a need in the world.
  • T indicates- Time Based– Your dream should be achievable within a time frame. As long as each of your dreams possesses these qualities, there are no holds barred on your dreams.

What a Manifestation Journal Should Contain

#1. Your “WHY”

Having created a clear and concrete picture of the dream you desire to manifest, you must push forward. You must state the exact reason you want your desire manifested. You need to point the WHY.

  • Why do I want to make a billion USD before 50?
  • Why do I want a small and beautiful family?
  • Why do I want to live in Santa Monica or Atherton?
  • Why do I want to be the Executive Director in 7 years?

Take a minute and look for convincing reasons in your heart. You need to know why you really want these things to happen. Then, you should put each reason right under the appropriate dream in your manifestation journal.

Your reason for nursing each aspiration could be one or one hundred. Look for the most sensational and put them in your journal. It is sometimes difficult to find a reason for your dream. It appears more like a passion than something you can extensively explain.

This is bound to happen sometimes; you must be prepared for it. There is no vision without a dream. There is no dream without a trigger either. Push yourself to look deep down and find that trigger.

If you found no reason for something, you really should not be doing it. So, there have got to be some reasons and you have to find them and put them down. The real reasons will motivate you every time you think you are going to give up or stop trying.

#2. The Obstacles

Even though many law of attraction experts think that you should never list your problems in a manifestation journal, it appears to be important. If you do not list the possible problems you may encounter on the path, you are not being fair to yourself. You are showing yourself only half of the picture and you will give yourself reasons to be overwhelmed if the storm gets too intense.

So, you must look for the obstacles and print them out. You are not putting them down to frighten yourself out of your wits. Instead, you are trying to expose yourself to the possible difficulties you will encounter.

You are attempting to prepare yourself for what is coming. So, you will not be shocked when surprises spring. This is the paramount reason you should list the obstacles to your manifestation journal.

#3. Your Strengths

After listing the obstacles, your manifestation journal should contain your strengths that will help you overcome the obstacles and difficulties. It should highlight the advantageous features that you have and are most proud of. Your strengths are your peculiar abilities that can be useful when you chase your dreams.

They do not have to be physical or personal features. They could be your qualification, finances, a pool of friends or even your health. They are typically things that you will need along the path and you are grateful to have them.

To balance the cards, you must constructively look into yourself and pinpoint the features that you have to be grateful for. The more you think about your strength, the stronger you get. If you approach your weaknesses the right way too, you will not be obsessed with them. Rather, you will crack the code and penetrate your problems with your strength.

#4. Gratitude

Gratitude - Enjoy the little things
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Feeling and expressing gratitude is one of the most popular and effective manifestation techniques. Apart from enjoying the little things in life, creating a Gratitude section in your journal will skyrocket your energy and positive feelings on a daily basis and bring your dreams into your reality faster.

You can implement the 3o Days of Gratitude challenge to start the process of writing.

#5. Definitive Activities

Your manifestation journal must contain definitive activities. You should list out the processes you will follow to accomplish your dream. It is the final part where you must state the daily, monthly, and annual activities you will have to accomplish before your dream becomes reality.

Outside the new habits you must adopt, you have to create milestones to be accomplished. These milestones are simple targets that you must meet within a specified period. They are activities that when accomplished, can bring you closer to your dreams. You must create them too!

In a brief outlook, your manifestation journal must contain the following:

  1. Your clear and concise dreams.
  2. The exact reasons behind these dreams.
  3. The obstacles you will encounter on the path to actualizing this dream.
  4. The greatest advantages and skills that you have.
  5. The steps you will follow to actualize the dream.

With all of that said, it is important to master some facts many people do not know about using a manifestation journal. These lessons may appear ordinary. But they offer clues that can help you make the best of it.

Tips to Note About the Manifestation Journal

Use Your Handwriting and Not A Computer

All thanks to tech, you can write anything with a smartphone, tablet or mobile computer these days. You can create a notepad or use one of the vast drafting options available. As much as you have these options, you should never use any of them to create your manifestation journal. Use your handwriting.

According to a Forbes publisher, Nancy Olson, handwriting increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain. It is not particularly different from meditation because it connects the present activity with your insides – your mind.

When you write, your brain is participating in the activity. It processes and dictates the points that you write, it reads and assimilates at that same time. This is a clear indication that writing is enough a way to prompt cognitive concentration. It is a way to evoke your psychological participation too.

According to Dr. Claudia Aguirre, mindful writing rests the brain, potentially sparking creativity. You should not be surprised to learn that it sharpens the brain, too. You may derive strength from the fact that Ernest Hemingway, J.K. Rowling, Kafka and several others were notable writers who had access to typewriters and some computers. Yet, they preferred to write some of their pieces with pen and paper.

It turns out such pieces are usually their best. While writing with a computer is not a terrible decision, writing with your hand has given better results in cases like this.

Meditate And Act

Your meditation journal is a complex document that is not filled out of the blues. It requires provoking thoughts, creative imagination and careful analysis. You need to meditate as you fill the manifestation journal. Develop 360 thinking and carefully evaluate everything you are putting down. Confirm that they are facts only, and the solutions you came up with are achievable. Do all of this thinking before filling your manifestation journal.

Add to that, you must take action. Create a system of reward and punishment for every dream you accomplish and those you are yet to actualize.

To conclude

Your manifestation journal is a preamble to manifestation. It is a constitution that will guide and regulate your path on the journey to fulfillment. Your manifestation journal should be handwritten. That is largely due to the connection it can initiate with your brain. It is best drafted in a plain, simple and meditating environment.

Your manifestation journal should be taken seriously. It contains your dreams, why you have these dreams and how you plan to achieve them. It features your strengths and weaknesses too.

We can all agree that this is a handbook that details you. Anyone who lays their hands on it can access the most sensitive things about you, and as such, you should be discreet about it.

At the same time, you should not keep your manifestation journal at shoulder’s length. You need to go through it now and then and revalidate your assertions in your mind. You need it to determine how much you are on track too.

I hope your manifestation journal will open a whole new life for you, designed exclusively by you the way you absolutely dream of it.

I would be glad to hear about your experience with your manifestation journal.

Wishing you prosperity and fulfillment.

Love, Veramaze.

Veramaze - Attraction Frequency

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