Manifesting Blocks: What Are They And How to Remove Them?

Manifesting Blocks: What are they and how to remove them
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Many people nowadays try to manifest their desires through manifesting, and I am definitely one of them!

It is wonderful to know that there are various ways to manifest the life you are dreaming of and even though you practice every method you read about, you seem to not get the outcome you desire.

Therefore, you start wondering why this is happening and feelings of disappointment and doubt start to take place in your mind and heart.

I am here to tell you that I’ve experienced the same thing a lot in the past and then I found out what I was missing!

Everything I did was right, but I hadn’t realized that at some point I myself was sabotaging my manifestation, placing manifesting blocks without even knowing it!

If this is the case for you, then don’t worry! There is nothing too difficult to overcome as far as we recognize its existence.

But what exactly are these manifesting blocks, also called abundance blocks?

As a general rule, manifesting blocks – also called abundance blocks – are the barriers that stop our manifesting from becoming a reality. There are many types of manifesting blocks. The most common of them are related to our mindset and our emotions.

In this article, we will help you identify which manifesting blocks are stopping your manifestations from becoming a reality and how to remove them, so you can enjoy your life as you desire it.

Which Are The Types Of Manifesting Blocks?

There are various manifesting blocks but the good thing is that there is a way to overcome each and every one of them.

So, let’s recognize them and remove them!

You Are Not Being Clear About What You Want!

Not being clear about what we truly want is one of the most common manifesting blocks.

Manifesting is all about asking the Universe for an outcome. Think of it as giving an order to a waiter!

What are the chances to get something that you definitely like if you haven’t decided what to order?

Is it possible that you can confuse the waiter by going from the chicken salad to the carbonara pasta and then to a big juicy steak?

If you were the waiter, what would you bring to a customer like you? The exact same thing goes for the Universe too!

If you haven’t decided what you really want to an extent that you can be clear and specific about it, then you make it very difficult for the Universe to please you!

How To Be Specific About What You Ask For?

If this is the case for you, then take a minute, a piece of paper, and a pen and ask yourself:

  • What you are manifesting and why?
  • What are the needs that you like to fulfill by that?
  • How would you feel if you have accomplished that?

If, for example, you are manifesting a car, not having in mind what you truly want and why, can end up as a surprise to you!

You can get an old, used Autobianchi which is a car, too! But, would you like something like that? I guess not!

It is possible though that you don’t have any particular preferences! In this case, you should focus on the way you want it to make you feel!

For example, instead of manifesting for a black new Mercedes with a beige leather interior you could manifest a car that is new, luxurious, makes you feel safe, and is ideal for your everyday family needs!

The Universe always knows what would be better for you so have faith and patience!

You Have Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs
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The way we grew up, affected by our environment, plays a significant role in the way we see ourselves. Various kinds of beliefs were rooted inside our minds and we tend to act according to them, in every aspect of our lives, including our manifestations!

As a general rule, limiting beliefs are the caps we place on our possibilities and self-value and act according to them. They are false beliefs that appear to be true! This results in living a limited life. There are many types of limiting beliefs and the most common of them are:

  • I am too old/young/fat/thin/poor to do something.
  • I will never be financially free because money belongs to a few people with special abilities.
  • I am not capable of love.
  • Life happens to me, there is nothing I can do to change it.
  • I am not worthy of getting what I want in life.
  • I am not good enough to get promoted.
  • People usually don’t like me.
  • Bad things always happen to me.
  • I am so unlucky.
  • I can’t be on my own, without being involved in a relationship, even though it doesn’t make me happy, and the list goes on and on…

It is likely that you can see yourself among those limiting beliefs, or others that look like them!

These kinds of beliefs can have an impact on our feelings and the Universe is corresponding primarily to our emotions. In order to make our manifestation come true, we must be a vibrational match to whatever we are manifesting.

For example, if I am manifesting a new ideal partner, and at the same time, I deeply believe that I am not capable of love or I don’t deserve to be loved then instantly I am placing blocks to my manifestation, without realizing it.

Negative feelings, therefore, push away our manifestations as positive feelings take us closer to our desire.

You can read more about why this is happening and how to use it to your advantage, in our post: Like Attracts Like: How This Powerful Law Controls Your Life

How To Remove Your Limiting Beliefs

The good news is that, once you have recognized the limiting beliefs that live in your head, you can eliminate them.

The easiest and most accurate way to do so is by following these 5 steps below:

Step No1: Focus on every area of your life, separately, writing down your beliefs related to each of them.

For example, regarding your career, it could be something like: “I don’t deserve to get promoted because I am not educated enough.”

Or, regarding your friendships: “I will never find a true, loyal friend because in the past I have always been betrayed.”

Regarding your love life: “I will never find the ideal partner for me because I am not beautiful enough.”

I believe you get the point that, in every area of our lives, there are plenty of limiting beliefs that hold us back from living an extraordinary life.

Step No2: What are they stopping you from doing?

Once, you have your limiting beliefs on a piece of paper, write down what is the consequence of your current limiting beliefs.

For example: “I am not trying enough to get promoted because I believe it is pointless, due to my lack of education.”

“I can’t find the courage to ask for a promotion because I will get rejected.”

Step No3: What it would feel like if you didn’t have these beliefs?

“If I believed I deserve to get promoted, I would be more courageous to ask for a promotion.

I would go after my job with more passion, sharing more ideas with my boss to make our work more efficient and productive.

Every day would be a great opportunity for me to grow and add value to my coworkers’ days by helping them grow and evolve, too!”

Step No4: Start thinking of every time that your limiting beliefs were not true in the past.

Think of all the times that your work has been appreciated and recognized and all the progress you have made since the first day you started working.

This way you will start to realize that you are capable of being promoted making steady progress, step by step, as you did since day 1 in your job.

Step No5: Write down your new beliefs.

You have the right to change your beliefs. You have the right to believe whatever you want about yourself.

So, beginning right now, write down all these new empowering beliefs that would be your reality, and make sure you read them at least 3 times every day!

“I deserve to be promoted because I add value to my company and the people working with me every day.”

“I deserve to be promoted because I am a problem solver and I am valuable to the company I work for.”

“I deserve to be promoted because I am willing to learn everything I need to know that I already don’t and my goal is to make progress every day.”

You Doubt That You Will Get It

Manifesting Blocks - Doubts
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Sometimes, we manifest things that we don’t believe that we can get! Always and I mean ALWAYS remember that the Universe is connected to our beliefs and therefore our emotions, since they are the outcome of what we believe.

Manifesting something that we believe is far-fetched, will never work out for us. Everytime we will be manifesting, thoughts of doubt will interrupt the process and will leave us feeling empty and disappointed.

For example, if your manifestation is: “I am so happy and grateful now that I am the General Manager of the company I work for!” and at the same time, you are thinking: “Yeah, right! This will never happen for me. I just got started in the company. I am just a simple employee” guess what will be the result. Close your eyes for a moment… Exactly! This will be the result! Darkness! Nothing at all!

How To Remove Doubts

The following steps will help you remove your doubts and bring your manifestation closer to you!

Step No1: Start manifesting something more believable to you

The successful author Napoleon Hill quoted in his book “Think and Grow Rich”:

“Whatever the mind can conceive…

and bring itself to believe…

it can achieve.”

It is impossible to manifest and achieve something you don’t believe.

Instead of manifesting and thinking about the final destination, start by breaking it into smaller chunks!

Would it be more believable to you if you manifested becoming the manager of your department? I guess it would!

Believing you can get it, brings your manifestation closer to its realization. And then something magical happens!

By getting something you manifested you are empowering your success muscle, which makes it easier and more natural for you to always succeed, with minimum effort, just by being sure that you will!

Step No2: Get in action mode

And now that you have a new goal to manifest for, more believable to you, you have to back it up with action!

Not doing anything at all just sends a signal to the Universe that you don’t believe it enough to get motivated and take action yourself!

And this brings us to the 3rd step…

Step No3: Believe you have earned it

Once you take the necessary action, you do your best every day and you know that you are doing enough, you will start to feel that you actually deserve to get what you manifest for!

This certainty you feel that you deserve it, is a really important element for bringing your manifestation to realization!

So, believe, take action and keep manifesting!

You Are Thinking More Of What You DON’T Want

Manifesting is all about thinking about positive situations, and things we would like to be/have/do.

But it is always easier to think about what we don’t want. It is almost automatic for our brain to think of the current situation and all its negative aspects, rather than use our imagination and visualize our life as we would like it to be.

But Universe doesn’t make a distinction between negative and positive. For example, manifesting about getting out of poverty, is still manifesting thinking about poverty. And more of it is what you will get! Instead, manifest thinking about abundance!

Manifesting about not being lonely anymore, is still manifesting thinking of your loneliness. And guess, what you will get! You guessed it right!

You will get more feelings and situations that result to loneliness! Instead, manifest thinking about companionship! Manifest thinking about love, about true valuable friendships with people that make you feel loved!

An easy and effective way to make sure that you are thinking of the right things is by examining your emotions at the time you are manifesting.

Does your manifestation make you feel good? Does it leave a smile on your face thinking about it?

If it does, then you are doing it right! But if it doesn’t, change your thoughts until you find the ones that make you smile and leave you with a feeling of calmness and joy!

You Are Impatient And Give Up Too Easily

Think of manifesting as a seed that is planted underground! You have to nourish it every day and be patient until you see it getting off the ground!

This is easy to do because you are certain that sooner or later, you will see the plant making its appearance and growing!

What happens when manifesting is that we don’t have the same patience simply because at first nothing seems to happen! The defining clue here is to keep believing that the Universe is doing its work!

You have to be certain as you would be if you had planted a seed! By being impatient and giving up, you sent a message to the Universe to stop trying too, and the seed then goes back again underground to perish.

Have faith in the Universe, don’t set timeframes about anything, and be patient as you would be If you would have planted a seed!

The Universe is the best farmer! Leave your seed to it and watch it get off the ground and flourish!

You Try Too Hard

The Universe is powerful! Its power doesn’t have limits! Nothing is too big or too difficult for the Universe to create!

The only one that has limitations is you and me (and every other manifestor!). Thinking of something being too difficult makes us believe that we need to try harder, and keep manifesting more and more, pushing for the outcome!

But the only thing we manage to achieve by that is sending signals of struggle! We get anxious about the result and, as we said earlier, negative feelings push our object of manifestation away.

The only thing we need to do is manifest, feel good when thinking about it and let go knowing that the Universe is doing its work!

Of course, we can manifest more than once a day, but only because we want to duplicate this feeling of joy and not because we feel that we have to do it in order to become a reality.

The motive and the feeling always make the difference!

You Are Not Grateful For What You Already Have

Manifesting Blocks - Being grateful
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Manifestation and the law of attraction are absolutely connected and affected by our level of gratitude.

We have plenty of things to be grateful for every day, but instead, we keep focusing on the negative things, and situations that we don’t want to exist in our lives and always want more to feel joy.

Being grateful and thankful for the things we already have in our lives, sends a message of abundance to the Universe and the Universe responds to it by empowering this feeling even more!

I couldn’t stress enough in a few lines how much important is feeling grateful and how it can work like a miracle for your manifestations!

I can only tell you that just being grateful and practicing gratitude every day, could remove any manifestation block instantly!

Gratitude is the world’s most powerful feeling and it can transform every area of your life!

The only thing you need to learn is how to start a gratitude journal, and watch your feelings, mindset, and life transform day after day!

You can an idea of what you could write in it, in our post: 30 Days of Gratitude – The Ultimate Plan To Abundance

When Manifesting, You Use Words You Shouldn’t

Words have a powerful impact on our lives. There is a whole science, called Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) that proves the power of words, the effect on our brains, and how we can transform our lives by using them in the right way.

Using the right words, or avoiding the wrong ones, can also have an impact on our manifestations!

There are words that can block our manifesting and we should be aware of them so that we can avoid them and replace them with words that empower our manifestations and bring them into existence.

Let’s see some very common words that are used in manifestations that shouldn’t.


As we mentioned above, in the “Thinking more of what you don’t want” paragraph, Universe doesn’t make a distinction between negative and positive words.

That being said, you should definitely leave out words of your manifestations like “don’t, can’t” and “not” in general.

Instead of using them, rephrase your manifestation so that it has an affirmative verb in it.

For example, instead of saying: “I don’t live in poverty”, try saying: “I live in abundance”.

Instead of saying: “I am not alone”, try saying: “I am surrounded by people who appreciate and love me”.

Don’t you agree that they create a more joyful feeling? This is exactly what we need to manifest our desires into reality!

Want/desire/wish for/hope

Words like “want”, “desire”, “wish for”, “hope” etc. show that there is something we do not have and we want it.

Manifestations are all about acting as if we already have/do/be what we desire.

This is the reason why we always write them (or say them) in the present tense. Otherwise, they create a feeling of lack of something and this creates a negative feeling.

For example, instead of saying: “I want more money to do the things I love”, you should say: “I have all the money I need to do the things I love”

Don’t you agree that the phrase: “I am so grateful and happy now that I got promoted to the Manager of my department” is stronger and creates a more powerful feeling than saying: “I hope to get promoted to the Manager of my department”?



The word “never” is a negative word as it is. Using it in a phrase, even when we need to express a positive statement, should be avoided. Instead, we can rephrase using the word “always” which is positive.

For example, by saying: “I never run out of money” you focus on the lack of money, even though you are saying that you don’t run out of money.

But, as we have already said more than once, the Universe doesn’t make a distinction between negative and positive words, just thoughts.

So, try to rephrase your manifestation, by saying: “I always have enough money” or “Money always comes to me effortlessly, in abundance”.

Will/going to/in the future/some day

Manifestations should describe a positive situation that is true for us in the present!

“Acting as if” is absolutely necessary in order to make our manifestation a reality.

So, avoid using words like “will”, “going to”, “in the future”, “someday”, etc., and replace them with using present tense to empower your manifestations and your feelings too!

I really hope you found some value in this article and that it inspired you to remove all your manifesting blocks!

Wishing you joy and abundance,


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