The 8 Most Common Signs of Negative Energy in Your House

The 8 Most Common Signs of Negative Energy in Your House
Photo by Wendy Corniquet (source: Pixabay)

Negative energy in your house is one of the vilest poisons that can run in the bloodstream of a human being. It is a feeling of discomfort, dissatisfaction, and inadequacy that dramatically takes over your peaceful spirit.

It is a thirst in you that cannot be quenched by your simple will or ease.

If it has ever happened to you, you’d agree that it is an uphill internal crisis. It’s a battle in your insides that is fueled by something you cannot explain. It drives you crazy, makes you upset at everything, and sets you into a distressed mode.

It makes you want what you do not know. And you are going to get reckless with no clear reason. Your bright spirit can metamorphose into a dull gloomy one too.

Negative energy is a fire of fury that you can’t put out without a struggle. Be aware of the signs of negative energy in your house so that you can change all these unpleasant feelings.

In the words of an American author, Meg Cabot, “you’ll know almost exactly how you feel. The problem is you just can’t tell anyone. You can’t prove it either.” You just know. Negative energy makes you feel like something is not right around you. Your memories should be flooded with these scenes if you have ever battled negativism.

Have you ever been in that condition?

Probably. Chances are that you have been in this sort of condition at least once in your life. This sort of feeling is difficult to explain. Your colleagues, associates, and even assistants will never really understand.

It is worse when you sense this negative energy at home. You feel like kicking the vase, hitting the walls, or just clearing something you don’t know out of your head. You will feel like getting into bed, getting out of bed, stopping and starting everything in your head at the same time, to mention a few of your external reactions.

At home, your partner or kids should have an idea of what is happening to you. But you can never really explain what it is. There are no real words to describe this kind of situation.

All you know is that you want to break away from something. And no matter how you say it, they can’t seem to get it. This kind of situation is triggered by negative energy around you.

It is doing all it can to overpower and consume you.

If you find yourself entangled in this storm, you must now ease your spirit. You do not fix the snag by pushing yourself too hard. You need to learn how it happened and why. Now, you’re reading the right piece to discover the weapons to combat negative energy. You will know all you need in the next few lines. You will be able to overcome negativism and fix your anxiety for good. Just pay attention to the next few lines, miss nothing!

To start with, it is important to know what negative energy can look like at home. If you are not sure what it might look like around you, don’t fret. The following lines are the tell-tale signs of negative energy. The moment you spot one or more, know that you’re in with negative energy, and you must begin the journey to wiping it out.

The 8 Easily Recognized Signs of Negative Energy in Your House

#1. Anxiety

Anxiety is the most evident feature of negative energy. According to a US Bestselling Author, Jodi Picoult, “anxiety is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you very far”. To put it another way, anxiety is a sprinkle of thought that warms into your heart to cause discomfort. Immediately it takes over you and you become preoccupied with it without achieving any success.

As you deepen in anxiety, you will get curious and uncertain about life. You will wander back and forth. You will helplessly think about puzzles you didn’t understand and you would find yourself going back and forth in thought. Casual things will get you nervous. You would restlessly run through your mind for answers. It never gets easier on anyone. Anxious people grow scared, and they may find it difficult to trust anyone. The heartbreaking fact about anxiety is that you can’t just snap out of it. Once you’re in it, it takes a lot of energy to wriggle out. It is a devastating manifestation of negative energy.

#2. Insomnia

Insomnia - Sign of Negative Energy
Photo by cottonbro (source: Pexels)

Insomnia, like anxiety, is an unhealthy state of mind for any human being. It refers to a situation where lack of sleep becomes a problem. Generally, it happens when you crash in a bed or couch, hoping for a good sleep, but no matter what you do, the sleep doesn’t happen. Whether you shut your eyes or alter your posture, sleep refuses to honor your call and your body refuses to hibernate. Your mind begins to race into the different problems you have to confront, and sleep flies further away from you.

When insomnia happens, you’d have to sit and watch all through the period. Sometimes, you will get in and out of the bed or pretend to be asleep. But it still isn’t going to happen. If you have ever been in that situation, you are battling another tell-tale feature of negative energy.

The case of insomnia we are describing does not happen every time you cannot sleep. Sometimes, there are medical conditions or eccentric situations that take the sleep away from you. At other times, you may be unable to sleep because you have slept a whole lot already.

The one we are talking about only happens when, ideally, you should sleep, but you are unable to get one at all.

#3. Feeling Drained or Inexplicable Fatigue

Fatigue is a feeling of weariness, tiredness, and apathy. It is a feeling that typically sprouts when you are too weary or bored to do anything. You know that there are some tasks to do, but you do not feel up to them or anything else. You simply feel bored and you found nothing undesirable.

Originally, being drained and fatigue may be caused by stress. You may have done a lot of tasking jobs and got burned-out. If such situations result in weariness, tiredness, and apathy, it is completely understandable. Conversely, you may develop fatigue without a specific reason. You may realize that you feel exhausted, fagged out and you are bored for no particular reason. This type of fatigue is a green indicator of negative energy. You should become sensitive from the moment you identify it.

#4. Lack of Inspiration

A lack of inspiration is another indication of negative energy. If you discover that you suddenly do not have the passion for anything, you are likely battling negative energy.

Lack of Inspiration
Photo by Anna Shvets (source: Pexels)

When this happens to you, you may not feel fatigued in any form. But you will be too uninspired to try anything either. You will know that there are tasks to accomplish, goals to chase, and missions to accomplish in the day but you are just going to feel no energy for passion.

You may even wonder why you seem so uninterested in anything. You may try to rack your head for answers. But there is never an explanation when what you are combating is negative energy around you.

You will realize that everything in your world appears smooth. You are just not motivated, and you’re simply not. You will spend your energy finding why and how to fix your lack of interest.

#5. Restlessness

Restlessness is a state of mind that makes you think that something around you is inadequate. It makes you feel needy, anxious, uncertain, curious, and on the edge.

It sounds a warning of danger in your bloodstream and it makes you feel like there is something you should be doing and you’re not. People typically get restless when they are in trouble.

They become restless when there is a lot of tasks to handle and they know that they’re not at their bests. They get restless when the credit union is about to take over their mortgage.

It happens when their wife is wheeled into the labor room or their husband slipped into a coma and got wheeled in the ER. It happens when you’re close to bankruptcy, among other situations.

These are general situations that can birth restlessness. But if negative energy in your house is a cause of restlessness, then you will have no clear reasons.

You will notice that your partner is not going into ER, you have no bankruptcy in view, and nothing seems overly wrong. Yet, you remain restless and there is no clear explanation.

If this has ever happened to you at home, know that things are not getting out of hand for you. But you’re certainly fighting negative energy in your home. It is winning but you can fight back.

#6. Depression

Depression is the most popular feature of negative energy. It makes you grow moody, overly quiet, and unreasonably withdrawn. You will be withdrawn from the activities around you.

You will feel a complete lack of interest in people or things, and unhappiness is a big toll that will seep deep into your insides. At the same time you feel depressed, you may be restless, sleepless, uninspired, or anxious. This means that depression doesn’t come unaccompanied.

It happens with a few other features of a wrecked and negatively stacked soul. When all of these happen to you, you know that they are also unmistakable indicators of negative energy.

#7. Cluttered mind

A cluttered mind is a mind that does not concentrate on anything. It is a mind that has an overwhelming lot of issues to resolve, and it tries to fix them at the same time. When your mind is cluttered, you will think about Mr. A’s contract and Mr. B’s debt.

Sign of Negative Energy - Cluttered Mind
Photo by (source: Pexels)

You will simultaneously think about your mom’s attitude on the phone, and your son’s rudeness. You will remember what the doctor said about you, and why you may have to return your credit the soonest.

A cluttered mind typically finds it challenging to focus on anything. Yet, there are several problems on their hands. While this is relatively easy to fix, it is an indicator of a cluttered mind.

#8. Failure to Get Closer to Happiness

Pause for a second. Have you got stuck on the verge of your happiness? In particular, if things always slip off of your hands when you are about to finally become happy, you’re battling a serious and tireless negative energy.

This energy is trying to consume you by all means. It takes your happiness, and it draws everything you want away from you. You cannot have a bigger problem on your hands.

It is the giant battle that most people face. What they don’t know is that there is something called “negative energy,” and it is eating deep into them.

But, what could sprout negative energy around you?

Possible Causes of Negative Energy

#1. Overthinking

Overthinking is the number one reason that negative energy crawls into our lives. We usually think we’re being critical. But we begin to overanalyze, and it becomes a problem.

Some people often wonder, “what if they don’t like me, what if I don’t do this very well, what if I amass all the wealth in the world today, and drop-dead the next”?

Questions like these are not critical. They are sentimental, and they may result in growing negative energy. They could prompt loss of motivation, fatigue, and anxiety.

If you are at home especially, you may be bothered about the shape your family will take in the coming years. You may think too much about your broken parents or your kids.

In the twinkle of an eye, overthinking can spring negative energy in your heart and boost it to a terrifying position.

#2. Environmental Sensitivity

Environmental sensitivity is a natural phenomenon. It is our body’s way of acknowledging the environment. It is a medium with which the human body responds to satisfactory or unsatisfactory changes in our environment. In essence, I want you to understand that your environment can trigger negative energy in you.

Take as an example, you may grow weak, bored, or irritable if something is not right about your house. Let’s say a rodent died in a corner that you are yet to figure out. But it came with a nauseous smell that stinks all through the house. That situation can trigger negative energy in you.

In another case, your power supply might be out. Your room may be stuffed and your ceilings may hang too low. The texture or color of our walls can affect our minds. You may also have objects that hold electrifying memories.

Several studies are indicating that sometimes, antique objects may have different energies in them. Some of them may hold negative energies and radiate the energy through your house if you bring them in. To a large extent, your environment may fan the flames of negative energy in your house.

#3. Helplessness in Dire Situations

Helplessness is another prominent factor that can trigger negative energy in your house. It implies a situation at home that you have no control over. For instance, if you or someone dear to you in the house has a chronic illness, you may drub into overthinking.

You may also desire to purchase a fanciful asset in your house. Unfortunately, you cannot procure it for a reason or another. Your inability may lead to unhappiness, then to depression, and eventually, a condition that radiates negative energy.

How Can You Fix The Negative Energy

#1. Create a Relaxed Spot For Yourself

A relaxed spot is somewhere you specifically reserve to revive your energy. It could be a private room, a cubicle, or somewhere down the gardens. This place must have the best environmental conditions that heal you.

Create a Lionized Spot
Photo by Engin Akyurt (source: Pixabay)

The walls, ventilation, heat, and cold should all conform to your natural satisfaction. You should be able to head down there when the environment is intense and you need some break. This kind of place can help you recover faster and overcome negative energy.

So, start right now creating a unique place for yourself!

#2. Inspire, Don’t Criticize

An attempt to overanalyze or criticize situations and people is a top source of negative energy. Now that you know, you should no longer criticize anyone. You should not try to overanalyze situations either.

Look for a way to get inspired by these circumstances. At the same time, inspire people through them.

#3. Declutter

Decluttering your mind is a must for you. As you deepen your attempt to rid yourself of negative energy, you must declutter.

First, declutter your environment. Keep your environment as decent and organized as possible. Then keep the thoughts in your head and your approach moderate.

Some gratitude exercises will help you achieve your peace of mind almost in no time!

Do not overthink, and do not attempt to solve all problems at once. Lalah Delia recommends; “just because you feel lost doesn’t mean that you are”. Sometimes you just have to relax, breathe deep and trust the path you’re on. That is the hack!

#4. Go Natural

There are many natural ways to fix your nervous energy. As I have hinted earlier, some studies indicate that negative energy may result from spiritual complications. You may not accept if you do not believe in spiritualism.

One of the most known and effective ways to naturally cleanse your house from negative energy is by using salt and water, as shown in the video below: (from Youtube Channel: LifeDoc.)

Crystals, black tourmaline, Epsom slates and methylated spirits have been known as efficient spiritual cures. You should visit a herbal therapeutic store if you desire to understand what might work for you.

It is crucial to understand that sometimes, negative energy may erupt in our lives. It may invade our normalcy and disrupt our happiness. As humans, we must identify the signs of these negative energies in our homes, and we must find our ways around them.

If you have discovered something about your negative energy in this post, tell me about it in the comment section. Did you get a fix for that negative energy? What were the features you found too?

I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Love, Veramaze.


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