Why Do I Feel A Strong Unexplainable Connection With Someone?

Why Do I Feel An Unexpected Connection With Someone
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An unexplainable connection with someone is one of the weirdest emotional experiences you can have. As humans, we are capable of building an emotional connection with people.

We love our dads and moms. We adore people who inspire us. We feel commitment and an emotional indebtedness to our lovers, and so forth. Our emotions likely developed for these people because they impacted us somehow.

They are kind, have made legacies, and inspire us into great exploits. However, it is difficult to explain a connection with a stranger who has made zero impacts on our lives, and we have not even met until a few seconds earlier.

Have you ever felt such emotional connections? Have you experienced an unexplainable connection with someone right from the first moment you met? Stop for a second and think it over.

Revive a few encounters you’ve had with people. Think about your old friends, colleagues in college, coworkers, neighbors, and even strangers.

There should be that one friend you can’t explain how it started. There ought to be one mutual bond that started while neither of you anticipated.

You must have a lovely companionship with one person that seems to connect with you better than everyone else.

What Is A “Connection with Someone,” Anyway?

A connection with someone is an emotional interaction between you and someone. It’s hard to place a finger on an absolute meaning. But the Collins English Dictionary suggests that a connection is a relationship between two people, things, or groups. So, we can understand “connection” as a bond or link between two or more people that binds them.

When a connection is unexplainable, it runs deeper beyond a physical attraction. It is an emotional bond between two people that has no typical justification. You can explain your connection with your parents, siblings, and colleagues.

You know that you value them because of what they have come to contribute and represent in your life. But you cannot explain a connection with someone you have met only once in your life.

You cannot put forward a possible explanation for feeling a pang in your heart when you only think of someone you have met once. It is much more difficult when you have never met or chatted with this person.

You only heard about them. Such are perfect examples of an unexplainable connection with someone.

In other scenarios, you meet someone and bond with them immediately. You also do not pretend to be who you are not. The both of you are just free, wild, and ordinary with each other.

When you are together, you enjoy your time with them. But even when you’re not together, you still feel their presence and have thoughts of them often.

Unexplainable connections are not limited to romantic relationships. It extends to friends, strangers, families, and even people you’ve never met.

Such example is Grace’s friendship with Lisa!

Unexplainable Connection With A Stranger
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In her case, Grace was in a restaurant for lunch. She was making her order over the counter when a slender lady walked in. Straight on, the lady walked over to the counter to place her orders, too, and their eyes met.

“Hi!” Grace said, and the lady nodded with a brief smile, then her eyes caught the Grace’s necklace, “Oh my God! I love your necklace.” She said with pure and innocent twinkles in her eyes. Grace smiled in return. “Thank you. I got it from Shein.”

“It’s beautiful. I’m Lisa, by the way. Everyone calls me Liz, though.” Lisa said with a light giggle which Grace returned. “I’m Grace, and there is no short for that. So, everyone calls me Grace.”

“Got it!” Lisa said, and they both laughed. They took the same seat and eventually walked out the door together. Years after, they remained the best of friends.

See that right there? It is a perfect example of a pure connection. You may not have an exactly similar story. But meeting people in the strangest times and building a connection with them is an evergreen experience.

Unexplainable Connection With Someone You’ve Never Met

When you have an unexplainable connection with someone, you may not even sit and talk with them. You may see them around once in a while. But you know that something hits differently in you each time this person’s photo pops up in your mind. You become a different person when you see them.

The most common instance for this would be friends you meet on social media. Let me share, with you, a real-life story. Many months ago, I started talking to a man online. I had his contact for a while, but we never had a reason to talk. Until one day, he posted something on his story, and I replied to it with my point of view on what he posted. We started to talk, and it just “clicked”!

I must say, our conversation flowed smoothly. It felt like we understood one another like we have known each other for a long time, and we just connected well that day. We continued to talk online for several months afterward. We talked every day; through texts and calls. And this went on for months, without us ever meeting offline.

It was truly a divine connection. It was the first time I met someone online and formed a strong relationship. When I meet people online, we often lose touch with each other after a few days or weeks unless we meet as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, social media has helped us increase our circle wider than the people we encounter in our day-to-day life. Many people have felt deeply connected to famous people online.

Almost everyone has this celebrity they love and resonate with more than others. It could be a musician you once stumbled upon, an actor, or even a social media influencer.

The more insight you get into their lives, the more similarities you notice you have in common with them. All these make you feel an unexplainable connection, even though you don’t know them and have never met them before.

Unexplainable Connection With A Friend

An Unexplainable Connection With A Friend
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Soulmate” is what you call a friend with whom you have a deep unexplainable connection. Although the term is often used to define romantic partners, you can find soulmates in friendships. Yes, absolutely!

Friendships like these are not just like normal friendships. Rather, you share a special bond with them. Just like every other unexplainable connection, there would be an authentic and deep level connection.

You may find such friendships with more than one person, even more at the same time. You can continue to meet new soulmates throughout your life too. It could be from childhood, at work, during college, in your fifties, and so on.

Some of these friendships last for a lifetime, while others may end. There’s no timeline for this form of friendship at all. Regardless, do not underestimate the power of these soulmate forms of friendships if you’ve got one. It’s a fundamental part of life.

How do you know you have a special connection with someone? I’m sure you know this, but it’s not so easy to find such bonds. Unexplainable connections are rare, so if you have a feeling that you’ve found a person or two with whom you share such a bond, here are a few signs to confirm your feelings.

Why Do I Feel A Strong Unexplainable Connection With Someone?

We have found the eight most authentic signs that should confirm you are connecting to someone and therefore are the factors that make you feel an unexplainable connection with someone. So, watch out for them!

#1. There’s An Instant Connection

Remember Lisa and Grace, the ladies from earlier? See how instantly they connected? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. I mean, not every instant connection is an “unexplainable connection,” but when you meet your person, you should immediately feel connected with them in a way.

When you see them for the first time, you want to walk up to them and strike up a conversation. You could be attracted to their face, a piece on them, the way they walk and carry themselves, their voice, their smile, their presence. It could be anything at all.

Yes, it is often confused with lust or physical attraction. But it’s so much more than that. It’s an instant pull that defies logic. And it also happens with anybody at all, not necessarily the opposite sex.

When you first meet this person, you immediately feel something special. It could be the first date, chat, or encounter. It’d feel like it was meant to be or something.

While with others, it takes time for a connection to be formed. However, it’s not the same with someone with whom you have an unexplainable connection.

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#2. You Can Be Yourself Around Them

People who accept you for you are such big blessings. I mean, who wants to be with someone who doesn’t make them feel comfortable?

When you find someone with whom you share a deep connection, you can unapologetically be yourself around them. You wouldn’t have to cover up or behave differently to fit in. This is what makes the foundation of a solid and great relationship.

It is also essential that you feel this way from the start of the relationship. And the feeling of comfortability must be mutual. That is, the person must be themselves around you, just like you are around them. It is only fair that way.

#3. There’s A Feeling Of Safety That Comes With Them

Have you ever met someone who just feels like “home”? The feeling is just beautiful. Someone you can talk to about anything, vent to, and open up to at any time.

You feel good, safe, and comfortable around this person. When you’re with them, you feel understood and don’t need to put up walls. Because you know they’d never use your weaknesses and vulnerability against you.

The sign of safety is very important and one you must watch out for.

#4. They Also Feel Connected To You

Divine Connection With Someone
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While this is quite hard to be sure of, it shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s important that this person feels the same way you feel about them. How can you know if the person feels the same way about you?

  • They always want to be around you.
  • They make you a priority.
  • They are themselves around you.
  • You just know you’re important to them as well.

#5. Conversations With Them Flow Easily

When you’re deeply connected to someone, you never seem to run out of things to discuss. You also don’t feel shy or self-conscious around them, even when you’re the quiet type who loves to listen more than you talk. You find this person easy to talk to.

It is because people who share unexplainable connections share similar interests. So conversations flow easily. Even though they may not share similar interests and likes, they’re still able to enjoy their conversations.

They learn to learn from each other, grow together and see the world from new perspectives.

As much as they have great conversations, deeply connected people can also stay in comfortable, not awkward silence.

#6. You Enjoy Their Company

Did you miss them already when you just said goodbye? It is what happens when two kindred hearts meet. You constantly think of ways to be around them.

You think about them a lot, and you can’t wait to see them again, despite not knowing them for that long. You make plans with them in it; short-term plans, long-term plans.

You find yourself talking to them a lot and creating time for them. Slowly, they become one of your favorite persons to spend time with. Even when you’re alone with them, with no fun activity going on, you still enjoy their company.

#7. You Share Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is love without conditions. Love without strings attached. When you share an unexplainable connection with someone, you find yourself always wanting the best for them—being genuinely happy with all of their wins—and being there for them in their lows.

Unconditional love doesn’t breed any form of jealousy. It’s love in its purest form, and you have it when your connection with someone is truly pure and authentic. Unconditional love is respecting each other and treating each other with love, care, and affection.

#8. They Are Unforgettable

Sometimes, these deep connections don’t last for a lifetime due to circumstances. Regardless, unexplainable connections are still unforgettable. They often leave an unerasable mark in the heart. When you find someone with who you share an authentic connection, you’d never be able to forget all the memories you share: the waves of laughter, fights, hugs, and more.

It’ll be imprinted in your mind, and you’d remember them from time to time, even when they leave.

To conclude this article, I must say that these signs show that you and this person have become significant parts of each other’s lives. It’s truly beautiful.

Did you notice these signs in a person or two as you read this article? If yes, wonderful! You should appreciate this special relationship you have with them. This type of connection with anyone is beautiful.

It is truly worth it and can enhance your life. Since you both complement each other, the connection can help you develop your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses. Overall, making you a better person.

Don’t stress if you don’t have this special someone/people yet. When the timing is right, they’ll come, and you’ll know it when you see it. Unexplainable connections are rare to come back, but everything falls into place when you find them.

I will see you in another of my posts!

Till then, I wish you many meaningful unexplainable connections!

With love, Veramaze.

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