Using Subconscious Mind To Change Physical Appearance – Is it possible?

Using subconscious mind to change physical appearance
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The last decades there have been a lot of researches and experiments in an effort to understand the power of our mind, how it works and everything we can accomplish knowing how it can do for us!

One of the questions is: “Is it possible using subconscious mind to change physical appearance?”

In this post, we will try our best to answer this question and let you do the rest!

Have you ever heard the saying, “what you think, you become?” Of course, you have! The statement probably won its popularity by proving to be true over and over again.

Overuse however tends to rid a thing of its value. That is why we hear this statement and fail to realize the gold mine it represents.

Hollywood’s exciting shows about mental abilities and mind control might someday be a reality. But at this point in the 21st century, all we can say for sure is that the human mind, thought processes, and their impressions on reality are only lightly understood.

This is basically why this post was made. To, first of all, remind you what you got “upstairs” and then to show you how powerful the subconscious mind is to change your life, and yes, your physical appearance.

In order to properly break down this post, we will consider the mind – where these thoughts that so shape our lives are formed, imprinting thoughts on the subconscious, and the link between these imprinted thoughts and the physical appearance.

What Exactly Is The Mind?

In our head is our brain and in our brain is an actual part consisting of the cerebrum, cerebellum, and brainstem. But that’s not all. The activities of the actual parts of the brain come together to form an abstract part known as the mind.

Since Biology classes do well explaining the actual part, our focus is on the complex, abstract part.

Oxford Languages define the mind as the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought.

Another definition sees the mind as an embodied and relational process with the body that regulates the flow of energy and information.

Both definitions point out that the mind first takes in information through the body – thanks to our experiences. It then forms thoughts or generates feelings or emotions based on this information.

In essence, these thoughts and feelings make us aware of reality and often interestingly create new experiences. Freud, an Austrian neurologist, divided the mind into three parts. The conscious, the unconscious, and the subconscious mind – it is here, where the magic happens.

The Subconscious Mind And Its Untold Abilities

The conscious mind basically covers the actions we are currently aware of. It acts as the gatekeeper to the subconscious mind since it has the ability to make rational thoughts.

It holds the choice to go through our many experiences, to keep, counter or discard any. Most times, before we become aware of the damages and negative effects of certain experiences on us, the subconscious mind is already half-filled.

You can picture the subconscious as a large tank which though empty at birth, gets filled with every experience we get while growing. This happens regardless of how insignificant an experience might seem to us.

Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious mind handles mental activities passively.

A brilliant illustration can be made using a computer pc and its user. In this sense, you are the user and the computer pc is your mind.

Any open program on the computer represents the thought or activity in the conscious mind while minimized or background programs, for example, an ongoing download, represent the activity in the subconscious mind.

As a result of its nature, the subconscious mind handles unthought-of, instant reactions and automatic actions. It importantly enables us to do certain everyday tasks like walking or responding to certain events in a predefined manner.

This how-to-do or how-to-respond information is already stored in and automatically carried out by the subconscious. This is just what it is, a loyal servant working according to what it has been fed without determining whether it is right or wrong.

If this doesn’t make any sense yet then understanding thoughts will help.

How to tap into your subconscious mind
Image by Geralt (source: Pixabay)

Thoughts and Thought-processes

Thoughts are the basic ways through which information is sent to the subconscious mind. They form the language that ultimately program or teach it what to do or how to react to exact or similar future situations.

Let’s take an analogy. You gave a speech before a large audience and it was a flop. Your thought pattern, whether you are aware or not, begins to hover about ideas that you are not cut out for public speaking, or that you do not do well speaking to a large audience and the likes. 

Now unless you consciously fight these thoughts, your subconscious will suck in all that negativity like a sponge and then tuck it in a file probably tagged as “public speaking”.

There are no pros to this, just cons, lots of them. Any mention of “public speaking” will cause your heart rate to increase and to a certain extent, dampen your concentration.

Even though you might not precisely recall the speech, maybe because it was years ago, the negative imprint from your thoughts stays with you.

Your thought-processes also suffer. Your critical thinking ability becomes impaired. Also, your creative thinking mostly produces excuses to back your unwillingness to try another public speech.

Does this scare you? Well, it should not. As much as our thoughts get imprinted in our subconscious thereby affecting huge parts of our lives, there is good news.

It is simply the fact that we can design and modify our subconscious to become filled with positives. This is what makes it possible to change your physical appearance using the subconscious mind.

Is It Possible Using The Subconscious Mind To Change Your Physical Appearance?

Yes, it is! The subconscious mind can very well change your appearance. But before we explain how this can be achieved, let’s try to figure out the link between the two.

A good place to start is the universal law of attraction. This can be regarded to be the philosophical link between one’s subconscious mind and their appearance. It so happens that whatever you persistently think of often finds a way of becoming your reality.

Can you manifest physical changes?
Image by Geralt (source: Pixabay)

The universe seems to be subject, to some degree, to our thoughts and delivers to us what is constantly in our minds. This, therefore, makes the reoccurring thoughts of one’s subconscious mind able to manifest in one’s life. Your subconscious thoughts concerning your physical appearance can then also easily become real.

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In addition to this, psychology perhaps also has something to prove. It is presented in a general note by the concept called the psychology of clothing. There is however a more precise term. This is known as enclothed cognition and it presents another link between one’s subconscious mind and appearance.

Haven’t you ever felt prettier wearing certain clothes? This happened not because the clothes changed who you are but because they brought a positive feeling that generates healthy thoughts. The entire focus of the enclothed cognition is the effect of one’s clothing or that of someone in their environment on a person’s thought pattern.

Basically, how they think, feel and function is taken into account. This concept rightly proves a link since one’s physical appearance like body shape and build affects their clothing and in turn, one’s mental processes or thoughts.

How To Change Your Physical Appearance Using The Subconscious Mind.

We have pictured the subconscious mind as a kind of tank that strategically filters our thoughts. We have also determined that it acts as a memory location. By doing so, it stores our most convincing thoughts as well as information on a number of motor and non-motor actions.

In your head, however, lies a file tagged “appearance”. Primarily, this holds thoughts and experiences you have had in relation to how you look. These thoughts and experiences are most often produced between your childhood and adolescent days.

At this stage, your mind is vulnerable, actively gathering information and ideas, and most likely unable to fight against the negative energy from unhealthy thoughts and experiences.

Most people often end up with uncomfortable personal perceptions of their appearance thanks to a number of factors gone wrong. This is a difficult thing to live with and an equally difficult thing to change. This brings us to the main deal!

Below is a list of three basic and effective ways of using your subconscious mind power to look the way you wish to.

#1. Meditation

Using subconscious mind to change physical appearance
Photo by Cottonbro (source: Pexels)

We are what we think. That is the entirety of the idea of meditation. The placebo effect in medicine duly supports this point.

It is a phenomenon in which people experience a positive change after the administration of what is made to resemble treatment. The fact that the patient thinks that they have been treated sometimes end up getting them back in good health.

Meditation is therefore one major way in which our mind affects our physical appearance. Taking the time to think repeatedly on a particular matter allows it to sink into our subconscious mind. It helps us overlook what the case actually is and instead envision things just the way we want them to be. The importance of this is that our background thoughts gradually change.

They slowly define the subconscious mind and this, in turn, has the effect of putting us in a state of mental positivity.

It is however important to understand that meditation basically does not work when we consider thoughts that have negative forms. As an illustration, assume that you desire to lose weight and you want to meditate this thought into your subconscious.

Meditating on the words “I am not fat” will bring a weaker result than meditating on the words “I am slim”, cause subconscious mind does not process negative words like “not”.

You will better understand this if I tell you: “Don’t think of a pink elephant!”.

I bet you did thought of a pink elephant even though I told you not to do it! It’s not your fault, it’s how our mind is designed to work.

Tending to our most convincing thoughts influences our entire body system as portrayed by the placebo effect. This means that through meditation, one can gradually alter one’s body in a way that affects their appearance.

So whether it is about losing weight or taking on some extra pounds, the gateway to it all is in the mind. Perhaps meditation works to release an inspiration or energy that gets the body cells powered up and ready to function as you desire.

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#2. Affirmation

It is interesting to note that meditation and affirmation complement each other. Both actions work together to effectively bury a thought deep within the subconscious mind. The extent to which we believe what we think of is expressed by how often we say it.

This makes affirmation a significant way of changing the physical appearance using the subconscious mind.

Naturally, affirmations can help you meditate better, and vice versa. To get results that affect your appearance, you must however make sure that you say what you say like you mean it.

Your level of confidence in affirming the physical changes you want to see tends to convince your very self. This primes both your mind and body to adjust accordingly.

It is more like giving an order to your entire body system. Repeatedly doing so will be helpful in taking away any disbelief in your mind about achieving your desired body shape or weight target.

This sets the floor for new thoughts that create new neural pathways in your brain. Imagining positive moments during affirmations will further prompt the development of these pathways.

This aids the process of imprinting on your subconscious mind and as said before, inspires the body cells and activities to carry out the changes.

One other positive side to affirmation is that it can help change the way people around you see you. This will thereby fully encourage your physical transformation.

This short Youtube video by Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic explains exactly how it works and guides you into actually doing it.

#3. Finding A Purpose

For every action we take, purpose is what keeps us going. A strong purpose will see you through the most trying times. This very same principle works when trying to change your appearance.

Your “why” plays a huge role in helping you stick to the most productive or necessary actions for as long as you ought to.


Our thoughts help us shape our beliefs and choose where we can focus our minds on. This, therefore, makes it important to carefully filter positive thoughts as they sip into our subconscious mind and very much determine how we see ourselves.

Hopefully, in this post, we explained how using our subconscious mind we can change our physical appearance and how the human mind has a powerful influence over the body.

Wishing you a life of abundance and fulfillment.

See you in another of my posts.

Love, Veramaze.

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