What Does 11:11 Mean In The Bible? – The Extended Analysis

What Does 11 11 Mean In The Bible
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The Bible serves as a manual for the Christian religion. It contains commandments, prayers, and revelations. Interestingly, the holy book is also thought to hold secret meanings. This post uncovers one of those.

Follow us as we break down the biblical meaning of the number 11:11 which points to severe wrath, judgment, condemnation, or consequence.

Does The Bible Attaches Meanings To Numbers?

In The First Book Of The Scripture

There is a lot of evidence that the bible attaches meaning to numbers. The first is in the story of creation.

According to the scriptures, creation brought about mornings and evenings and days and nights as we know it.

This was followed by marvelous and mysterious things. Each new day, the creator made something out of nothing.

On the last day, we are told that He rested.

The entire process of creation was spread over seven (7) days. This was no mistake. In fact, the creator could have effortlessly made the entire world in a single day.

So why did He choose to do it in seven (7)? It’s simply because He was careful to make everything beautiful and perfect.

This is confirmed in Genesis 1:31. It reads that:

“…God saw everything that he made, and, behold, it was very good.”

It is also confirmed in the relation between creation and the number seven (7) which has the biblical meaning of perfection and completion.

Again, In the Last Book of the Scripture

Just as one piece of evidence exists in the first book of the bible, another one exists in its last book. Precisely, this is in Revelations 21:16.

The scripture there records a vision where an angel of the Lord takes a measurement of the holy city.

It reads that:

“…the city lies foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth.”


“…he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs.

The length and the breadth and the height are all equal.”

This does not exactly portray any meaning of numbers. Instead, what it does is show that the creator has a thing for symmetry, standardization, and consistency.

By extension, it would also mean that this consistency – even concerning numbers – will be present in the Bible.

The biblical meaning of numbers which clearly exists, will, therefore, be consistent from the first to the very last book of the scriptures.

11 11 Meaning In The Bible
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Repetition Of 11:11 And Meaning In The Bible

11:11 is an obvious repetition of the number 11. It is also a representation of bible chapters 11 and verses 11. Being so, understanding the bible’s meaning of 11 will help.

Furthermore, scrutinizing this specific chapter and verse across bible books will also give us insight.

Numerology describes the number 11 as expressing higher ideals. Whatever this means, its appearance in the bible is accompanied by anger and destruction.

One of the biggest proofs that the number 11 signifies wrath and judgment is in the 11th book of the scripture.

1st Kings 11:11 Meaning In The Bible

The 11th bible book, which is also the eleventh book of the new testament, is called the book of 1st Kings or the 1st book of Kings. According to this review:

“…the book of 1st Kings provides an account of the death of David,

the reign of his son Solomon, and the decline and

division of the kingdom of Israel.”

This comes:

“…after Solomon and many of his successors turned to idol worship.”

Could it be a coincidence that the 11th book of the Bible is entirely about wrath and punishment due to sin? We will look further into it.

Chapter 11 of this eleventh book (i.e. 1st Kings 11) specifically details King Solomon’s evils. As the story goes, the king had an unrighteous love for women.

He had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines.

Beyond this surprising fact, most of the king’s wives were from unholy tribes. This would mean that the King and his people were divinely forbidden from having affairs with them.

You would think that this is the height of this tale. Well, it isn’t. King Solomon went on to worship the gods of his many wives.

With this, God declared a judgment upon him.

This judgment, against coincidence, is written in verse 11, Chapter 11, of the 11th both of the Bible (i.e. 1st Kings 11:11).

If you consider the above, you would notice just what we have been saying. The number 11 truly reads chaos in its biblical meaning.

Furthermore, 11:11 portrays a severe form of disorder or judgment.

Biblical Meaning of 11 11
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Genesis 11 – Biblical Meaning

There are many more support points from where that came from. One of them is in Genesis 11.

The Bible, here, speaks of the whole earth being united. It was in the early days after creation and the people are recorded to have spoken only one language.

During that time, wars were not much of a thing. This allowed everyone to live closely together rather than spread across the whole earth.

Time eventually revealed a downside to this proximity and oneness.

As it turned out, the people rebelled against God. They did this by trying to reach the heavens through a tower that they set out to build.

A dubious plan of such nature could not go unnoticed. The creator, therefore, led them into confusion by giving them all different languages.

By speaking different languages, the people were unable to understand each other. They could no longer communicate, and hence they left off building the tower.

 Analyzing 1st Samuel 11:11

Another reference to the number 11:11 is in the first book of Samuel. Generally, this part of the scripture covers the rise of King David.

It also gives a holistic evaluation of kingship, lacing it all with stories of war fought by the “children of Israel.”

Chapter 11 and verse 11 of this first book of Samuel (i.e. 1st Samuel 11:11) unmistakably paint the now-familiar theme of chaos and judgments.

This time, however, it was the Israelites lashing out at their enemies.

Saul and the men of Israel had set an ambush on the Ammonites. Towards morning, they attacked and slaughtered the enemy so much that only a few individuals escaped.

That is probably enough conviction about the biblical meaning of 11:11. But, in case you still have doubts, let’s show you some more passages.

Analyzing Daniel 11:11

Chapter 11 of the book of Daniel presents a somewhat scary revelation. It was shown to the Jewish scholar and bible character Daniel in a vision.

Analysis of this biblical text describes it as containing down-to-earth descriptions of things to come.

In fact, according to this article, the chapter contains “the most detailed prophecy in the bible,” and talks about “great empires, political developments, and end-time powers.”

Needless to say, it speaks about some kind of evil. Verse 11 of the passage (i.e. Dan 11:11) particularly describes this.

It reads that a certain king of the South – accompanied by a large army – will confront a certain king of the North in battle.

The vision further goes to say that it won’t end well for the Southerners.

Analyzing Ezekiel 11:11

Ezekiel Chapter 11 features a vision, a gloomy prophecy, and the mercies of God the creator. But like most other verses 11 across the scripture, this one also unmistakably speaks on judgment. It reads:

“…this city shall not be your caldron, neither shall ye be the flesh in the midst thereof;

but I will judge you on the border of Israel…”

References And Meanings of 11 11 In The Bible
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Analyzing Job 11:11

“For he knows vain men: he sees wickedness also; will he not then consider it?” The answer to this is no.

He, referring to God, definitely knows the heart of men and sees the wickedness they devise.

Again, He, referring to God, confirms in several other scriptures that he will not let this slide.

Other Biblical References to The Number 11:11

There are other biblical references to 11:11 asides from corresponding bible chapters and verses.

Looking at the Life of Jacob

One such reference is tied to the Bible character Jacob. Jacob was Esau’s twin brother. The two were both sons of Isaac and an interesting deal happened before they were even born.

As the scripture puts it, God declared that Isaac’s older son will be a servant to his brother. The creator also personally pronounced his love for Jacob and a hatred for his elder brother Esau.

Bible analysts all try to bring some calm about this. They say – for example here – that God did not refer to human feelings of love and hate. And again, this scripture points to the creators’ omnipotent power of election.

One day while they were young, Esau traded his birthright to Jacob. He immediately regretted his actions, but unfortunately, he could do nothing to reverse it. This made him very upset.

The two brothers still grew up together. Nevertheless, Esau’s anger was unchanged. In the end, Jacob had to run away to save himself, his wife, and his family from the wrath of his brother.

Looking At The Life Of Jacob’s Eleventh Son Joseph

Another pointer to the biblical meaning of 11:11 exists. This time, it is seen in the life of Jacob’s eleventh son Joseph.

As a little boy, Joseph tended to his father’s sheep. He spent most of his time in the fields and did all of this with joy.

Joseph was a dreamer. Also, beyond this, he had the knowledge of understanding them. This gift would make him an asset.

Unfortunately, it was not so in the eyes of his brothers.

The young boy was sold to a group of merchants and suffered a great deal.

Does 11:11 Always Have Something To Do With Chaos?

It’s glaring just how much the number 11:11 appears in relation to chaos and judgment. But is it always about that? The answer is no.

You see, the truth is that perspective matters a lot. And as an old quote has it:

“You can’t see a clear picture through a stained glass.”

We mean to say that there are some positives to the biblical meaning of the number 11:11.

Or, to put it differently, the number 11:11 also has positive biblical meanings.

What could this be? We’ll show you by reviewing the very same passages we did before.

Let’s start with King Solomon. You would have probably heard about the famous bible character. He was not any ordinary person, but a King, and even more, the richest king of his time.

Reviews such as this suggest that king Solomon could have even also been the richest man in our times too.

He drank from cups made of gold, and his net worth is estimated to have reached $1 trillion.

And what is positive about the builders in Genesis 11? Well, we can thank them for the many different languages available to us.

The war and chaos in Chapter 11 of the first book of Samuel are also something. It is about threats, slaughtering, and a battle.

However, it is basically a tale of victory and deliverance from oppression.

The Ammonites were prepared to take over the land of Jabeshgilead. They made their arrangements, took their position, and went ahead to make provocations.

Despite all of these, they still shamefully lost the battle and attempted to flee from the scene.

Again, Chapter 11 of the bible book of Ezekiel is not entirely filled with judgment.

Indeed, the creator noted that even after punishing his children, he will reconcile with them.

This very well proves that some good comes with the number 11.


As mentioned earlier, numerology expresses the notion that the number 11 is tied to higher ideals.

This certainly has some relationship here. It is a fact that most of the judgments we analyzed were meted out by the creator himself.

Now, down to our main point. It is unarguable that the biblical meaning of the number 11:11 is chaos.

In fact, as we have seen, the number 11 represents this chaos and so 11:11 would hardly mean any better.

But as we also mentioned, there are some signs of good if you look closely.

Thank you for going through this post! We hope that it has helped clear the air on this subject matter.

Wishing you joy and prosperity!

Love, Veramaze.

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